Corexit in the Gulf – More BP Lies

Corexit has been used in the Gulf of Mexico by BP in order to hide the amount of oil that has been pouring into the Gulf area.  BP knows and the owners of NALCO are aware of the Lethal aftermath in the Gulf that is coming for the people who live there.

If you will examine who are shareholders in NALCO, the makers of Corexit, you will find the list of who's who in the CFR.  People will die because Corexit was used in the Gulf.  The EPA is aware that these deaths will come to Cleanup Workers and Residents in the Gulf.  Profits are coming for NALCO and deaths are coming for Americans. 

OpEdNewsDon Lieber
Tue July 27, 2010
Subject; Corexit Profits – Corexit Deaths

Pretty good information links at the end on the hazards of Corexit.  I agree with Georgianne Neinaber’s comments.

he Gulf Spill, Corexit, and PROFITS
For OpEdNews: Don Lieber – Writer

July 26
New York

Public Health officials are now talking about the need for public evacuation in areas of Louisiana effected by the BP Oil Spill in the Gulf.  

The concern, however, seems to be more about the chemical dispersant "Corexit" used by BP to break up the surface oil, than the oil itself.  

Details about the health hazards of Corexit and how its use helps BP hide the details of the spill from the public are available from many sources (See the end of this article for two.)

What hasn't been discussed in public, however, is the economic element to this story.  

NALCO the Illinois-based company which produces Corexit profits exceedingly well.  

It's CEO, Erik Frywald, earned over $5 million dollars last year, according to the following listing (source:


Compensation for 2009

 Salary $850,000.00  
 Restricted stock awards $2,618,001.00  
 All other compensation $163,282.00  
 Option awards $ $1,024,944.00  
 Non-equity incentive plan compensation $964,620.00  


Perhaps Mr. Erik Frywald, sitting atop such an impressive financial holding, should come forward and address the working public's concern about one of his products – which may be thecause of a horrendous public health hazard. I am sure the residents of coastal Louisiana, for example, would want to know what his priorities are in this crisis.  
by Don Lieber

Two good sources for this article (and a good introduction to the issue) include:

Hugh Kaufman a current EPA official discusses Corexit in this article about the possible evacuations of Gulf coast populations:

Chris Pincetich a ph.D marine biologist, discusses in detail the chemical and bio-hazards of Corexit here, in this widely viewed vide:

Note: Don Lieber is an independent journalist. His works have been published by the Associated Press, the United Nations, the International Campaign to Ban the Use of Landmines, Willamette Week (Portland Oregon), the Coalition to Ban the Use of Child (more…)
What "public health officials" are calling for evacuations of Gulf Coast? Statements like that ramp up the fear levels in an already, depressed, anxious population. You can't begin a story with a lede like that and simply segue into economics! Attributions, please!

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