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Robert Hender  " R J " 
Tue Aug 3, 2010
Subject; Restore America Plan – www.republicoftheunitedstates.org 

Happiness is a Choice. 

Liberty is a Gift from God, with a 2-Way Promise. 

We have been playing the " What's in it for Me Game, " for too long now.  In America our sports usually demand that somebody has to lose in order for somebody to win.  We need to care about one another now and we need to work to restore the footings of Liberty. 

If America falls then the whole world will fall.  In America the Creator God has declared that if we Honor Him then this land will be a Land of Liberty.  If we dishonor the Creator then America gets to suffer the consequences of dishonor.  Have we had enough consequences yet?  Are you ready to Take a Stand for Liberty, a Stand to Honor the Creator and to love one another?

There is an old friend that I haven't seen for over 10years, Robert.  He moved to my neighborhood a few weeks ago.  He told me that God has placed upon his heart a Driving Desire to understand Grand Juries.  His research can be seen at www.independantamericans.us

I have been doing my best to gather material, directly related to RAP and material that is indirectly related to RAP.  People want answers to their concerns.   

We've seen this before, some people are jumping on the train and other people may be hopping off the train. 

The train is still Moving Forward. 

RAP is not about Sam Kennedy.  RAP is not about any 1 Leader, but a Move Upon America, by the Hand of God with people who are listening and who are risking everything so that America may be restored. 

This reminds me of a house that has a foundation that is falling apart. It takes an expert to lift the house and then carefully remove the debris of rot and rubble before replacing the old foundation with a stronger, new foundation.  After this careful surgery on the underpinnings of the house have been completed then the house may be put back, upon a New Footings. 

Maybe the end of the world is coming for some people.

The beginning is is already under way for other people.  Which side of the fence will you stand on?  Will you Help to Build or will you Stand By and Accuse?

It takes courage to hold on, trusting in our Creator.  A Personal Witness between ourselves and Jesus is required, here. 

There is no need to throw out the Whole Sink or to Destroy the Whole Structure, in this Restore America effort. 

From my own Prayer Closet I have felt that God is calling forth to America – much like Sodom and Gummorah – asking if there are righteous souls in America, enough to justify the Saving of America? 

This question has now gone forth.  God's Judgements now Stand Before us!  

A body of Men and Women took a stand in all 50 Republics of America, in answer to that question. 

In the beginning the Leaders of RAP thought this thing was about America.

Spiritual Leaders from at least 80 countries were warned over 40 years ago that America may come to the very brink of a meltdown, but that a Body of Americans would Take a Stand for Liberty Again, for America.  These other countries have come to the aid of America. 

If America falls, the whole world will fall. 

We the People now stand again in America.  This Stand is not for the faint of heart. 

Many of us, Guardians of the Republic, have been approached by the FBI. This Government Agency had to determine if we were a threat to America. 

As the Attitude of " What Is In It for Me, "  covers the land of America a small Mothers and Fathers are now standing for our liberty and your liberty.  

If we don't stand for Liberty now, then when shall we stand?  If we don't stand here for liberty then where shall we stand?  If We don't stand for this Cause of Liberty then Who Else Will? 

You need us.  We need you. 

Pray for America, Now! 

Pray for our courage, Now! 

Pray for our future, Now! 

It matters how we live, more than it matters how we may die. 

What will be said of this generation? 

TPTB are headlong, ready to rush us into the 3rd World War.  They would not mind seeing a Financial Meltdown around the world.  Their remedy would be worse than the problems we are facing now. 

Tell your neighbor that the Guardians of the Republic need assistance. www.republicoftheunitedstates.org

I have been a watcher, for a long, long time in Radio for over 19yrs.  Now I get to comment on what I see.  I know what talk looks and sounds like.  I know what Results Look Like.  

It matters, that Tim Turner is a Cherokee Indian.  He will do what is Best for America, rather than simply what may be best for himself. 

My family came to America on the Mayflower, 3 of my family members were on that ship.  They brought their women.  They came for liberty and they took the hand of their American Indian Brothers and they were friends for many years. 

My mother's mother was related to the American Indians who met the Pilgrims there, in this New Land. 

America is a Land of Promise.  America is a Land with a Promise from the Creator.

In America when we honor God and serve one another America is a Land of Liberty.  

There are people who now operate in D C who need to leave.

There is a lot of work to do, placing Liberty back in America.  There are  cowards who want to keep you and me from these worthy goals. 

Yeah, many of us are risking it all by Taking a Stand Now.  If we do not come together now, for Liberty, for America then we risk losing it all too. 

I love Every One of these Guardian Elders.  I love Every One of my Fellow Guardians.  I love my country. 

I can feel the weight of responsibility, upon my shoulders for the Future of My Country, for my posterity and yours.  To my Radio Listeners I have spoken about this several times. 

America needs Founding Fathers and Founding Mothers now. 

To this Call by God, we Guardians have returned His call… 

Yes, 1 man with God is a majority. Will you Take this Stand with Us?

May God Save America.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J   www.republicbroadcasting.org   7am – 9am
Central Time   www.morningliberty.com

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