In Bed with the Queen – Top 11 Presidents

Are these Presidents a part of " the Committee of They, " the people who are usually faceless and nameless who are to blame for everything that is wrong with the world?  What do you think they are doing with the Queen of England?

What do these pictures tell you?  Are you aware that America is still considered a Colony of England?  Will Barry Soetoro be an Uncle Sam or an Uncle Tom?  Did pretty Bill Clinton try to make moves on the Queen?  In quiet discussions with the Queen far more is being discussed than what you or I have been informed about.  Fool me once, shame on me.  Fool us twice, shame on you Mr. President.

Tom Gambill
Mon Aug 2, 2010
Subject; Long Live the Queen – Okay How Long is Long Enough?

When it penetrated my brain how long she's been around, she gives new meaning to the phrase "Long Live the Queen" How old does this one make you feel?


Lyndon Baines Johnson never met Queen Elizabeth…
the only sitting US president not to do so during her reign-

I don't know about you, but I went OMG somewhere between Eisenhower and Truman.  

(P.S. After looking at this, I am shocked at how long I've been around, too…)


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