Economic Collapse – Not on My Watch

A listener suggested that I should let you know that We are In Need of some Financial Help.  I am reluctant to ask for your help.  We have been working very hard to Deliver to You Value.  Check Out our Free Downloads.  Check Out our Downloadable Interviews.  There is material that will educate you and that will blow you away.

Would you be offended if we ask you for some financial help?  Could you send $20 our way?  My webmaster has been working Very Hard for months and his work is Top Shelf.  I have been working for years too, doing my best to Get the Wrod out on What is Going On and what You Can Do About It. 

Robert Hender " R J "

Fri  Aug 6, 2010

Subject;  Could You Spare $20?  We need a little help, here.


   One of my listeners is telling me that you need to know that We Need some Financial Help.

   Do you have $20 that you could send our way?

   I don't like asking, like this.

   My webmaster has been working, For Free for several months.  He has done an excellent job, assisting me.  I have never seen a better website than  and I recognize the value of John's efforts, for you and for me.   

   I enjoy doing my Radio Program every weekday morning, but the Republic Broadcasting Network does not pay their On-Air people.  The Big Corporations that pay On-Air Talent also dictate what a TV or a Radio Host can say or show.  I know that RBN is doing their best to stay on the air. 

   We are tickled to hear that Kelby from the Restore America Plan movement will be joining me every Wednesday, on my Radio Program at   7am – 9am  Central Time 

   Money is not why I do this, do a weekday Radio Program and we also work hard to present this material on this website.

   We do need your financial assistance.  We do have a PayPal option here for you.  My mailing address is listed here for you, too. 

   You will find on this website –  lots of Free Material that you can download and learn from. 

   You will find on this website lots of Awesome Material, like the Top Right – downloadable interviews – that I did years ago and you can pick up that resource for just $5 each. 

   Every day i arise at 5am and then I work for the Radio Program and for this Website all day.  Usually, I make it to bed at around 11pm or Midnight. 

   I am not asking for your sympathy. 

   I don't want to offend you. 

   My webmaster needs some help here, to keep his lights on.  I am still working on handling my July rent and stuff.  I do not have a car, but a neighbor allows me to borrow a car 1 day or 2 days a week so that I can go and work with a Water Softener Company during the week.  I do my best for thm to find Free Trial Customers, but business has been very slow.  Not a lot of peole are buying new houses, right now. 

   Here is the key. 

   If God places it on your heart, to Assist Us, then we would appreciate it. 

   John my Webmaster and I work for God.  We don't work for some fancy, Corporation.  We are working hard for America and for our Liberty.  We deliver material that the Main Press refuses to cover. 

   We are in your hands. 

   We are in God's hands. 

   If you can help us, financially then Thank You very much.  If you can't – that is Okay too. 

   We will continue doing our Best for You and for God and for our Country. 

   This morning, on the radio we covered a lot of material with evidence on Barry Soetoro and Illuminati Blood Oath events that surround us.  It seems that Satanic Worship evidence is in our face, all over this country.  Even with the NWO breathing down our necks, we believe that God will win, in the end.   

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J

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