Economic Collapse – We the People So What

Greg Evensen claims that he has seen it all.  In this commentary he says that he thinks that all chances for Liberty are gone.  Did he speak with you?  Have you quit also?

Our good credit and our good faith has been keeping America going, for a long time now.  Some people are saying that the unwinding of America is happening, right before us.  After traveling 2,700 miles across America Greg Evensen claims that he has seen enough, he's seen it all, the evidence that TPTB have won and our Days of Liberty are over.

Greg Evensen
Mon  Aug 2, 2010
Subject; We the People, So What

I am going to ask each you to say a prayer before you read this, clear your head and be ready to read something that is very hard to read but is about the place we are at in this nation and our lives. This is not meant to depress you or scare you, but it is meant to challenge you to be smart, open your eyes and hearts and if you have not already accepted Jesus Christ, yesterday was the time, now is immediately time!!  Folks this article is about the most accurate I have read yet ……….it is not if, it is when and we have got to be ready; however, whenever, and reach out to those you want to see join those of us who plan on being together on the other side…….".God give us the strength, courage and knowledge to go forth in truth..for however long there is; in Jesus name I pray, for us all, Amen"   Ruth
Read all the way to the end…………..
By Greg Evensen
I have just returned from a 2700 mile, ten day speaking tour in the mid-west. The mood of the country is far worse than you have heard. The level of anxiety about the direction and agenda of the federal government and the abject level of crises that most of the states are in is beyond comprehension.
Career jobs and decent paying employment is gone. Forced accumulation of debt through inflation and taxes is rampant. Lack of nourishment because of GMO vegetables and GMO corn fed livestock is managed by the addiction to hundreds of “miracle” pharmaceuticals that play an endless game of downward spiraling levels of health issues for the majority of America’s people.
Ultra liberal Universities crank out graduates in degree fields that are no longer viable but it doesn’t matter, primarily due to the fact that these degrees can’t prove that the people holding them can perform their role without retraining during their first year of work.
The nation is broke, it is beyond financial correction. Industry is dead, the malls are bankrupt and farms are churning out these GMO crops that may have all of us looking like lightening bugs in another generation or so.
Having delayed, dodged and subverted a simple process to prove citizenship, Barack Obama ruins this nation as an illegal alien. He and his entire government are practiced liars, deceivers and socialists running interference for anti-white, black hate groups who would cheer for weeks if whites died by the train loads leaving America looking more and more like Zimbabwe. You can’t find five guilt ridden whites who will admit they voted for this Muslim, black radical, republic killing, Mamba snake currently in human form.
Let me tell you what concerned, active, constitutional supporting men and women from all walks of life have said, are saying, and are just an inch from going wild turkey all over anybody who tries to tell them what they can no longer do, say, or believe in.
Listen VERY carefully. If you are La Raza, border crashing drug smugglers, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU, ACORN, the New Black Panther Party, UN supporters, Jihadist warring Islamic Clerics, communists, socialists, radical Christian hating sodomites, or others who practice black arts, your day of influence and the twisting of morality, history, and the destiny of this nation, are mere moments from an encounter with Americans who will stand and deal with your subversion. That day of reckoning is at hand.
As the saying goes, this in not a threat, but an absolute promise. The government may continue its purposeful indifference toward the enemies who have invaded and killed along our border, but ranchers, farmers, and dedicated able bodied-veterans who have already put it on the line somewhere else, are ready, willing and VERY able to do it again right here.
Thousands have told me openly and without hesitation that we will lose this nation, its honorable history, (yes, we have some) our children’s destiny, and peaceful security if we do not ACT and resist this invasion. Could I be any more clear? Sure, try and elect people of principal, courage and integrity at all levels. I hope you succeed. Tell “world culturally sensitive” judges to honor, obey, and defend OUR constitution and its unfettered jury system or else you will be retired from the bench by the people. Solicit citizen supporting police officers and departments who will tell Janet “No-Nothing” Napolitano, to go to Hell, so peace officers can continue their work for their real boss, the people. Order Congress to do the will of the people or there will be one final march on Washington they will never forget. Then, when arrogance and corruption as usual continues, let the games begin.
We have been given no choice. The illegitimate government of the United States has engineered this situation. Just like cattle, we have been herded into the chutes that will march us on board the trains to the slaughter houses, established and very real.
Let me say this one more time for the record. The war on this republic began several generations ago in earnest. It was really underway at the time of the independence movement and the actual conflict with Great Britain. It coincided perfectly with Adam Weishaupt’s efforts to bring the colonial leadership into a secret marriage with the earliest version of the Illuminati’s American effort. This, along with the Masonic Order’s influence and participation, sealed the deal that would guide our nation to its head-on collision between a truly free republic and a compromised, sold-out to world order influences all the way through to the current communistic cabal in Washington that is driving the train off the cliff.
Place the blame at the feet of the Federal Reserve, the greater banking establishment, the corrupted industrial giants who have left America, the military complex protecting the drug trade in Afghanistan, the ongoing Israeli driven debacle in the middle east, and the planned, intentional, deliberate, encouraged by Washington invasion of our southwest, and you have enough poisons in the vat to kill off the entire nation. THAT IS THE PLAN! That is Phase One of the final installment in the destruction of sovereign America and her population.
Phase Two has been the ongoing manipulation of history, lies about the sacred unfolding of our destiny by truly free people through the national educational system. The goals and programs established through communist ideologues like John Dewey and the current cabal at the National Education Association have insured that our past three or four generations have learned less and less while being propagandized more and more through the Federal Department of Education and its current “Czar” from Chicago’s failed school system. You see, taken alone or as a whole, these issues that I have listed are more than enough to conclude overwhelmingly, that a REAL war is being waged on America from within and without. The players have been and continue to be elected and appointed political figures groomed, promoted, and installed by the “established” powers that are descendants of the Founder’s generation and are the wolves chasing the sheep toward their slaughter.
Phase Three has been the ongoing integration of the two major political parties into an amalgamation of really just one party, the party of the elite and their world masters. The best that can be said for the current make-up of Washington’s legislators is that they are blinded egomaniacs with not a moral or honest bone in their bodies. More accurately, they are the embodiment of a creeping evil that has no end, that is, until all are enslaved and defeated on a world wide level. That is the real end game. It has no compromise zone with freedom. It cannot have anything but complete victory over liberty and an independent people. Once people AWAKEN from their drug induced, pornography ridden, anything goes morality zone, they understand what they have already lost and become a formidable enemy to the new world order cabal. It does not necessarily take just physical weapons to defeat and enemy on the field of battle, (although it may indeed require that), it takes overwhelming numbers within the most critical “systems” (judicial, political military, industrial, banking, etc.) to achieve victory. That is why our enemy has been so successful over so many years. They have patiently infiltrated our universities, governments at the federal and state level, the military and police networks, the media, and most of the productive infrastructure in America over 150 years.
Saturation has now become reality and we are faced with too much water in the boat and not enough buckets or hands to remove it. Although I support the efforts of solid folks trying through the Tea Party movement, other constitutional supporters in the state militias, and people who are in the streets trying to change the Obama “false changers” takeover of America, the task is virtually impossible. When these efforts fall short this time around as well, we will see the lid come off this country’s anger at those who have created this situation and it will be unstoppable. But then, YOU are the enemy according to the government, the NAACP and the media.
When a storm approaches, you prepare to ride it out. Nature and nature’s God has instilled that in many of us. Being caught out in the midst of a raging thunderstorm with no shelter is an event that you would never repeat. Your eyes would be on the sky and your thoughts way ahead of your actions. Our current situation is exactly like that, except we have done even less than the unprepared caught without shelter and are facing a raging tornado in an open field.
You do understand that the war is on and was started by the government, right? You do realize that you are neatly catalogued by the government’s security agencies profiling (thought that was illegal) you as to your entire standing (personal history) in society and what “lists” you are on. Have you acknowledged that the time is at hand for you to decide whether you are going along with the future that has been charted for you by these luciferians, or you will chart your own destiny? Quit wasting time on people who argue with you.
People work with me daily to formulate their own personal plans for survival. They do so out of fear and anxiety, that if they do plan, they might fail, and if they don’t plan they certainly will fail. I will take implementing the successful plan any day. We get you a long way down that road with the planning documents that may just give you the victory (
I pray that we can get through this. The republic is gone, friends. We need to rebuild a new one without the agendas that were built in to the original one. If we succeed, that is our secular, renewed national future. However, please build your lives on the hope found in your personal relationship with God and His son, Jesus.
Everything in this world, no matter how well built, is scheduled for destruction at some point in time. Rebuilding and planning for a positive, promising future is a worthy goal. But let’s always remember that when the door on this life closes, the door to the next opens. Ultimately, “our hope is built on nothing less that Jesus blood and righteousness.” That alone, is great hope. It is worthy of our efforts to become a part of, and in the end, it is all that matters. Keep on keepin’ on, dear friends. Wherever this journey leads, I want to be there with you…….meet you on the village green.
It is way past time to slay the beast.
Steady… more than ever.
© 2010 Greg Evensen – All Rights Reserved


Due to Presidential Executive Orders, the National Security Agency (NSA) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) can and have over stepped their constitutional boundaries and they may intercept and read this email without warning, warrant, or notice.

When they do this it is without any judicial or legislative oversight and is indeed against the First Amendment {right to free speech, free press and freedom of religion} and the Fourth Amendment {illegal search and seizure} of the constitution of the United States of America.

 We in this country have no recourse or protection to this action so please be advised that everything we type may be used against us to detain us for questioning without an attorney, we can be held in a secret prison without the right of habeas corpus or right to trial by jury and we may be held indefinitely until they feel like letting us go.

Say Good Bye to our little friend…. LIBERTY


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