Is it the Muslims? Is it the Jews? Who’s In Charge of this Terror?

The Jews do not control the Vatican.  Most of the people are ignorant of the truth.  Even among many of Albert Pike's followers they are unaware of the Global Impact that 33rd degree Satanic Freemasons have around the world.

Muslim Barry Soetoro continues to perform muslim acts.  Duality by government officers is well practived by many members of Congress and by many of the world's so-called leaders.  Basicly, a handfuull of families rule the world.  These false jews will support any movement that will forward their objectives.

Tom Gambill
Tue  Aug 3, 2010 
Subject; Family Ties Matter – Who are the Terrorists?

Tom…  Its like this, you go after who controls the money and this is exactly what they want you to.   If you do then who will you allow to control the money?  Secondly, does that mean that the Vatican will fold their hands and all of a sudden become Bible believing saints swearing off their plans for world control of religion and taking out their alter boy banging or nun raping priest, literally.   Would the other 15 or so Royal families just shrink in fear and pack up their plans for world control?  Its like this, you buy an old house infested with rats, bee nests, and cockroaches.    You start to rebuild the house and since you HATE cockroaches you start killing them.  However, the others are okay….so you just let the bees in the house go free and the rats (Pope) is free to use the house at will……no, you get rid of all hte bees, the cockroaches and the Rats. 

Not jew inspired.   What you say is true about the ones calling themselves Jews but are from Europe, converted to Judaism in 740 AD.   However, you are entirely wrong on the rest as evidence confirms.   The basis is the Masonic order, the Jesuits since Constantine the first pope.  The Jews do not control the Vatican.  The Vatican since 1200 to 1800 AD had their agenda for world government as the Black Nobility and Black Pope, non-jews held together by the Mystery religions and later to become the Masons are the ones led by Satan, along with the synagogue of Satan, Talmud jews, Vatican all work together.     These are the real facts that most of the worlds population are tragically ignorant of.    Im not giving you an opinion, I'm giving you facts.    It won't be long before this will be apparent and the ugly starts.     The Merovingian bloodline is seeking the Tribe of Dan to subjugate and literally kill off.       the same phase is starting now that started late 1800's to early 1900's.     It you were to be believed then we can just take our minds off of Islam now, forget the Vatican and the non-jewish Illuminati and focus on jews only.    That is the goal anyway so the real instigators can operate without being stopped.  You focus on Jews only, now what.   We band together and seek all jews with Jewish names and have our own holocaust taking up where hitler left off……since he didn't have a holocaust he  must have failed horribly by not killing jews, who did he kill?  Other Germans?? Or did he use pea shooters and paint balls and WWII is a hoax also.    Maybe WWII really didn't happen.   wow.  

So, we can forget the crime syndicates since they are controlled by the Vatican and Masons; CIA,, we can forget about muslims, they are just kidding about sharia law and taking over Europe, or the Jews and Muslims are secretly working together?      Or, people can face the reality of what is going on which 3/4 of the united states is woefully ignorant of.

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