Economic Collapse – It’s All a Shell Game

Only 5% of people in Congress are not under the control of the CFR/Illuminati Elite.  They're cowards, more like it.  They know their secrets are out and TPTB are losing their control over it all. 

America has just come out of the first Stimulus Package.  Manipulation by TPTB of the EU currency and the economy of America is all designed to bring about Total World Control by these satanic thugs.  America has been their Cash Cow, for years and they're now deciding whether to pull the plug on America or to deliver a new Stimulus Package to keep their Shell Game going.  Barry Soetoro aka President Obama is simply one of their actors, in their Corporate/Banking Games.

Robert Hender " R J "

Thur  Aug 5, 2010

Subject; Millions of People work for the TPTB, working for America's Demise.

   On the radio I spent an hour today with Bob Chapman, the International Forecaster.  On  Bob suggested that TPTB are now considering whether to pull the plug on the dollar and the world or if they will support a new Stimulus Package. 

   The Euro was created to destroy the dollar. 

   In Europe TPTB have been working hard to bring about the demise of every country, just like America, in order to place the whole world under their control. 

Morning Liberty Program Thursday August 5, 2010

Listen to Hour 1

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