Foreclosure – An Act of Fraud by the Banks

Bjorn Rafto is just a Naval Officer who isn't going to take it any more.  In California more than 26,000 Notaries operate for the banks.  The County Recorder is confused, as many of them may be in on the game playing played on Americans.

If America has an Economic Collapse it will be because TPTB want it to occur.  Within 3 days after a home buyer signs his mortgage contract at the Title Company and engages his promissory note, the Security is Paid Off in Full from their Straw Man Treasury Account.  Obama and the machinery behind the politicians are in on the fraud being played out upon Americans.  Banks and Title Companies and Recorders are guilty of their Failure to Disclose the truth behind these transactions. 

Robert Hender " R J "

Thur  Aug 5, 2010

Subject; What is Real? When somebody injures you.  Claiming injury or damages is Delt Defense

   Bjorn Rafto is a retired Naval Officer who has had enough.  On the radio thursday  R J and Bjorn discussed how to exercise our own Self Defense against a system that is stealing our homes and our liberties, right here in America. 

   Corporations have taken over America.  Their games are all fiction.  Real Men and Women on the land have Standing.  As we learn how to stand, they will learn they cannot play their theft games on us any more.   

   Payola by TPTB has corrupted the whole system that was initially designed to serve " We the People. " 

Morning Liberty Program, Thursday August 5, 2010

Listen to Hour 2

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