NWO – No Way Out of a Planet X Impact

The Mayan People warned us about 2012 and this Planet X.  Nostradamus predicted some of these End Time Events.  Hopi Leaders are aware that Mother Earth will go through some transitions, very soon.  Gilbert Eriksen on VNN has been raising his voice for years on these things.

Will we survive the changes that are coming for the earth?  The Hopi call it, " the Red Dragon, " and the Chinese call it, " the Red Dragon in the Sky, "  and the KIV Bible calls it " the Great Red Dragon. "  All of this is about Planet X that is on a return trip to our neighborhood.  The Solar Flares are being caused by Planet X.  Most people are completely unaware of how Earth will be undergoing many changes because of Planet X.

Sheldon Day
Fri Aug 6, 2010
Subject; Wormwood – Hopi Prophecy on Planet X


I Pre-Recorded Lucus for my own radio show tmrw night and I've decided to share the RAW, High-Quality, Unedited Recording to SELECTED individuals on this Email for your perusal-
AND, 'Lucus' was a Guest on 'The Intel Hub' Radio show over on American Freedom Radio Network today with Dr. Jaysen Rand-

Other 'Lucus' interviews on my 'Archives, Misc' SubPage HERE-
BTW, Gilbert Eriksen will return tmrw morning on Bill Alek's Radio network- Vortek Network News to discuss WORMWOOD….
"Hello all,

Where would you go with 3 days notice?
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Will you survive the coming Earth Changes?

The Hopi's call it "The Red Kachina," the Chinese call it "The Red Dragon in the Sky," the KJV Bible calls it the "Great Red Dragon." It's the return of Planet X. Aurora continues her series of The Millennium Prophesy with her special guest, Gilbert Eriksen on VNN.

My special special guest on the PROGRESSIVE TECHNOLOGY HOUR is Roger Anderton. Roger presented an interested paper at the NPA17 Conference this year that deals with the Einstein Conspiracy. Listen and find out what it is?

Michael talks about Lady Clarion and the Clarion Call on the COSMIC CONNECTION.

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