Top 10 Planet X Evidence – John DiNardo interview

Planet X was first noticed back in 1781.  The magnetic attraction of 2 Large Bodies creates a pull, as if I reached out and pulled on your elbow.  A few scientists have been noticing this pull, out in space.  Only a small number of this few have been speaking about Planet X.

NASA knows that Planet X has already entered our Solar System.  The Pope and a few in the Vatican are aware of Ancient Prophecy about this 10th Planet.  The crust of the earth is shifting and the earth is warming up, as a result of the approach of Planet X.  This is why the Federal Gov't has a Bug-Out Plan, because Governments are aware, around the world,  of a December 2012 timeline where the impact of Planet X upon the earth will worsen.

Robert Hender " R J "
Thur  July 29, 2010 
Subject; Planet X Evidence – Radio Interview with John DiNardo – Direct Links to listen

   On the Radio with " R J " John DiNardo delivers more evidence on Planet X.  Even a Time Magazine article on Jan 30, 1983 it is clear that NASA is aware of the arrival of Planet X.  7am to 9am Central Time  weekdays

Morning Liberty Program – Saturday July 29, 2010   
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6 Responses to “Top 10 Planet X Evidence – John DiNardo interview”

  1. Vincent Bert says:

    The idea and notion that any planet reaching the throws of the solar system can affect the earth with heat, electro-magnetic force or any other influence is ridiculous. The closer planets and sun far overshadow any affect by a so-called “planet X”! Proof, proof, proof…..??????????????

    • RJ says:

      It’s time that we get out of our playpen.

      Officials in NASA are aware of much more than they are releasing to the public.

      Even the Mayans spoke out about these things. How Smart Were They?

  2. winter says:

    You have to actually listen to the show to get ‘proof’ ; ) and do a lot of research. If you want proof, put the effort into looking for it.

  3. Tyrone Biggus says:

    Dude, you need to have that Brian Marshall guy on again. He will clear up all this Planet X nonsense. There is no 10th planet, never was, never will be. Nine is the magic number, and no matter how hard the Luciferian conspirators want to say Pluto is not a planet, they can’t change the fact it IS. And all this “Proof” people are regurgitating is from Luciferian “Experts” like Zacharias Sitchin who is a damn 32nd Degree Freemason, Michael Tsarion who is a Rosecrucian Occultist, and many many more. Simple mathematics proves that Planet X is nonsense…. that should be a key to anyone that wants real honest truth.

  4. Larry Scott says:

    John DiNardo is a phony who is pushing the Planet X is near Jupiter theory. He is very anxious to get attention in the media, but without telling the basic truth that Planet X came around the sun in 2003 and has been coming towards earth ever since. Yes, people will soon be on TV and the radio discussing Planet X and the pending pole shift, but NOT Mr. DiNardo (he can only dream about the worldwide stage legit people will get).

    The truth is at No one needs this guy!

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