Barry Soetoro – I Want Your Money

Ray Griggs does an awesome job in this Video spelling out what Barry Soetoro is up to.  Nazi Pelosi continues to push their Fascist Agenda from Congress.  What will it take for Americans to wake up?

If Ronald Reagan were alive today he would confront Barry Soetoro.  Theft of our money is what Obama and Nazi Pelosi are doing to America, no matter how sweet they're trying to make Spreading the Wealth sound.  At least Drunk Sailors spend their own money, Ronald Reagan used to say.  These Bailouts add up to Fiscal Child Abuse.  Why is Obama amused at the Tea Party Rallies?

Ray Griggs 
Sat  Aug 7, 2010
Subject; Economic Collapse – Spreding Tomorow's Wealth

New Film “I Want Your Money” Due this Fall; Lampoons Obama and Dems Socialist Agenda – Trailer
“Wow! Here is a trailer for a film due out this fall called “I Want Your Money,” which looks like it will just be amazing. It takes a look big Government spending, and lampoons Barack Obama and the Democrats for their socialist economic agenda.”
(Excerpt) View Video here…
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