New Mormonism – NWO Threat to Mankind

The Mormon Church has changed.  Any man may be a Prophet, if he listens to " the Spirit. "  No President of some Church and No Pope from the Vatican has the single right to receive instruction from God.

Joseph Smith used to say that some times he speaks as a man and some times he speaks as a Prophet.  Every man and woman and child has a right to receive an answer to prayer.  Many people today are listening to God.  Have you taken a look at Micah 3:  lately?  Jesuits and Freemasons have invaded organized religion and today, they aren't even the same type of organization that they used to be.  What is a Prophet?  If we will listen to the Creator, everyone of us can be prophetic.

Robert Hender " R J "
Sun  Aug 8, 2010 
Subject; Rethinking Mormonism

   Joseph Smith used to say " some times I speak as a man and some times I speak as a Prophet.  Oh, that every man could Prophecy. "  Every man has a right to Get the Word of the Lord directly, for himself.

   My 3rd Great Grandfather was a Personal Bodyguard to the Prophet Joseph Smith.  I hold some of the personal writing between Joseph and Philo Dibble.  Philo was able to see many of the events in Mormon history.  With Philo's own eyes and as he shed his own blood in the effort he wrote about several of the events he went through with Joseph Smith.

   Philo's Seer Stone was taken and attempts have been made to sell it for $50,000

   Philo needed money, in a money crunch for a while, so he sold the death mask of Joseph Smith to a museum.  The official LD S Church now possesses the oroginal Death Mask casts of Joseph and Hyrum.   

   Philo Dibble carried with him artistic portrayals of the Early Mormon scenes as he used to speak to people about what he heard with his own ears and what he saw with his own ears about these events.  I have searched high and low for these Mormon Scene paintings, but they seem to be lost.

   Now the Freemasons and the Jesuits fill the ranks of today's LDS Church and they control and minipulate this Mormon History and LDS Church Doctrine.

   Not enough people want the Truth.

   I do my best to find and hold to the Truth.

   A listener sent me these Reports that portray how Mormon Leaders today prefer to defend their Leaders rather than Defending the Truth.  They have made Lies their Refuge.  God will not be mocked, by them or by anyone else.

   Have you read Micah 3   which tells why the Heavens are like Brass to these Pretended Leaders? 

Mormon Leaders Honesty and Integrity: LDS Church Leaders and their Highest Priorities

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