Private Manning Wikileaks – Whistleblower or Treason?

Pentagon officials continue to suggest that Private Manning may have risked the lives of American Troops at war.  People at Wikileaks continue to say that they examined all the docs from Bradley Manning and that he may be a whistleblower.

Tom Gambill claims that people inside the United States Government are working to assist China invade America.  Bob Chapman, the International Forecaster stated, on my Radio Interview Thur Aug 5th that millions of people work for the Darkside of Government.  Are FEMA Camps designed to hold Anti NWO Activists?  Representative Mike Rogers of Michigan suggests that Private Manning ought to be charged with Treason for leaking the thousands of Classified Documents to Wikileaks.

Tom Gambill
Sat  Aug 7, 2010
Subject; Private Manning, Whistleblower or Treason

Lucas – He is spreading tremendous disinfo…….Fema Camps are concentration camps for those who resist the NWO. 

US progressives are counting on China to get involved. 
Here on my site evidence that the US is helping China invade. 

“Kill all whistle blowers” ????

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Excerpt: What I see here is a precedence being set that will be used for the “homegrown” treason if military persons inside the U.S. decides to disclose any information concerning the martial law or military plans on American citizens in the future. Look past the reported act and then you will see the real purpose behind the false flags. It is a fact that the CIA, KGB, Iranian Intelligence, Saudi Intelligence, Mossad, MI5 and MI6, mostly all of them work together against their own countries and they work for the NWO agenda.

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