Martial Law – Georgia Guide Stones 9 Language Warnings

Evidence of Planet X has Government running for the DUMBS already.  Have you heard of these Deep Underground Military Bases before?  The Global Elites plan on going underground while the rest of us may be left to fend for ourselves.

Off Planet Military Bases exist, for some of our Troops.  Many Planetary Events will be taking place before December 2012 every gets here.  Global Warming is hitting the earth, big time because of this Planet X.  Have you noticed the strange weather, already?  NASA knows these earth changes are taking place and our world will never be the same. 

Sheldon Day radio clip
Sun  Aug 8, 2010
Subject;  Elites Going Underground – Martial Law Above Ground as Planet X Arrives

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Devoted to exposing the Inbound Passage of Planet-X & The Ruling Power Elite's preparations for the Cosmic Event…

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