Martial Law – Barry Soetoro and His Buddies Believe In

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It gets kinda confusing some times.  So much is now going on around us, it 's touch to recognize who our friends are and who the enemy is.  The Beltway Bandits, TPTB think they have everything all lined up for their NWO.

The CIA does control most of the drugs that are brought into the United States and much of the drugs that are delivered around the world.  Every war has been a False Flag event and our grandfathers volunteered to fight Commusim, in their day.  NWO troops may be waiting to pounce upon America from Mexico, from Florida, from the Great Lakes area, from California, from Washington and from Texas.  Even in Europe the EU is a unified conspiracy to help bring in the TPTB NWO.

Robert Hender " R J "
Wed July 28, 2010
Subject; Martial Law Raady – Interview with Thomas Gambill – NWO Fighters 

   Every weekday morning I get to interview people at  in an effort to shine more light on the dark TPTB and their evil plans.  I am willing to do this work, but even I get surprised some times. 

   Gambill claims that FDR anticipated bringing alien troops in to the USA to forment Civil War.  Civil war may be what TPTB still want in America. 

   Gambill claims that U N and Russian Troops are already waiting for a Go Ahead order to invade America, up in the Great Lakes area.  Gambill claims that between 2 million and 3 million U N Multi Jurisdictional Task Forces are already in America, waiting for their orders.  Gambill also claims that Black Water has been helping to train Street Gangs in California, Malitia personnel in Mexico and other locations for a military move against America. 

   Would Russian Troops or Cuban Troops come against America? 

   In the Congo the United States has a contract with the official Unified Organized Conspiracy.

   Listen for yourself, make up your own mind.

The Morning Liberty Program – Wednesday July 28, 2010   
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