Restore America Plan – Pops in Texas Disclosure

Pops in Texas

Aug 11, 2010

Subject; Economic Collapse – The Evil System is Coming Down – Audio Clip Below

Pops says that The Evil System of America is now coming down.  One man bought all of Africa's silver.  Silver is in a shorter supply than gold.  Evil Doers and their Day of Reckoning is now at hand. 

Much activity is quietly going on behind the scenes.  Pops in Texas claims that China has foreclosed on the Treasury.  Europeans are holding most of our currency.  Dark Side offenders of humanity will be held accountable and it looks like the Corporate American System is about to come down.  R A P may be needed as the solution to all of the evil activity by the corporate United States and their puppets.

   A friend sent me this link today.  People are risking their lives, with careful activity to Restore America.

   Listen to the link below and make up your own mind.  Is Pops speaking the truth?  Are we making any progress?  Do you remember when we were asked to stand?  Did we have any idea of the consequences that would come because we stood?

   Evil people have been working to destroy America.  These TPTB are aware that their day of reckoning is coming.  Dave Chapman, the International Forecaster says TPTB are running, scared. 

   On the 31st of January Sam Kennedy spoke of our Forgiveness of TPTB if they would repent. 

   Currently Europe is holding most of our dollars.  China has foreclosed upon the Treasury.  People are buying up the world supply of silver.  Silver is more scarce than gold.  Pops says that the new treasury of the Republic is going up. 

   Why is Tim Turner being attacked?  Who is working to discredit and sabotage Tim Turner and the Republic of the united States? 

   TPTB have built themselves an evil, Corporate House of Cards and currently it looks like it may all be coming down. 

   Be sure to check out  and



Listen to Pops

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  1. Pete says:

    Would someone associated with RAP please watch this video and then address it?

  2. Tim says:

    The link shown above for Independent Americans has a misspelling in it. It’s really, Give this a try. AND Thank You R.J. for your GREAT contributions to liberty!

    God bless,


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