Barry Soetoro – Controlled by the Dark Side

Nothing is as it seems to be.  We've been looking up to the wrong people, in America.  Evil Thugs in America helped to put Castro in power in Cuba.  Americans were financing the Communists in Russia.  Islamic Training Camps exist all over America, even now.

12 men now control the Obama Administration.  Have you heard of Brzezinski?  He is one of the main Controllers of the President, today.  Dr Stan Monteith let it rip with " R J "  in this radio interview, spelling out many details of plans by TPTB to put America and the world under their NWO control.

Robert Hender " R J "
Wed  July 14, 2010 
Subject;  Barry Soetoro – Duality is How they are Hiding their World Revolution – radio interview with Stan Monteith

  Dr STan Monteith held nothing back as he joined " R J " on the radio at  telling about the evil people that are behind a World Satanic Movement.  The Earth Charter details 16 Points or Steps they are taking to destroy America and to subject the rest of the world. 

Morning Liberty Program, Wednesday July 14, 2010   
Listen to Hour 1
Listen to Hour 2

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