Restore America Plan – Know Who You Are – Kelby Smith interview

In 2001 the attacks on the World Trade Center woke many Americans up.  We have begun to take a closer look now at why we have found ourselves in this condition.  War is a Racket and TPTB are gaining more power and profits because America is now at war in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Kelby Smith used to salute the picture of President Bush.  After the planes flew into the WTC's and Larry Silvestein publicly said " …they decided to pull Building #7, " everything changed.  Why is America building a $800 million compound in Iraq?  Why is America threatening Iran?  We need to wake up and remember who we are.  In relation to our Creator God, who are we?  What is our true responsibility today?  A handful of evil people want to destroy America and they have been hard at their evil NWO designs.

Robert Hender " R J " 
Wed  Aug 11, 2010 
Subject; Restore America Plan – Misunderstood  –  2 hour links below

   Americans are waking up, realizing that something is very wrong in America.  Americans need repent and turn back to God or our country may not stand a chance.  On Wednesday the 11th of August Kelby Smith joined me on the radio to discuss a few details of the Restore America Plan.

   Kelby does not speak for the Restore America Plan, but he is now allowed to speak on a few details of R A P.  Peole want to hear more and because of the lack of public disclosure many folks continue to make attacks at the character of RAP's leaders and of the movement in general.   

   The best place for you to get some honest R A P answers is at   There are a couple more sites that may be worth taking a look at.

   Many false promises may have been made by Sam Kennedy, as R A P began.  People have been anxious to see Sam's promises kept and to see results along the line of the assertions that Sam Kennedy made at RBN from the onset. 

   There are some terms that people do not truly understand.  The word " person, "  and the word " citizen. "   The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob is the True Sovereign.  Our rights come from our Creator, God.  These are lawful rights that we need to stand by.  Are you the property of a corporation? 

   Go back and examine the history of the United States, back to between 1860 and 1870 and carefully research the activity of the 41st Congress.  The United States is a corporation.  The states are corporations.  Counties and Cities and Courts and many institutions that Amerians worship, are corporations. 

   Our rights do not come from the constitution. 

   Our liberties come from God. 

   In many ways America is now like Babylon of old, or like Sodom and Gummorah or like Israel as they were slaves to Egypt.

   We must know who we are. 

   Will we stand by our Creator God?  If we stand by God then perhaps God may stand with us, as we work and live lives that may allow us to turn things around.  It will take a miracle. 

   People get to decide who they worship.  People get to decide which horse to lay their bets on. 

   This 2 hour interview may help to wake you and your loved ones up…

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