Top 7 Illegal Aliens – Terrorist OTM’s

Why are prayer rugs being found in the Arizona wilderness?  It looks like more than Mexicans are crossing bordcer into America.  OTM's are Other Than Mexicans, and thousands of them are coming to America through Mexico. 

It looks like Barry Soetoro is the best friend of Muslim Terrorists.  President Obama is sending his lawyer thugs after Arizona and all they want to do is protect their border.  Obama knows that devoted terrorists are coming to America from Egypt, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen, Sudan and Iraq.  Why isn't President Obama working to stop these Muslim Illegal Immigrants from sneaking in to America? 

Justin Farmer 
Wed  Aug 11, 2010 
Subject; Barry Soetoro – Muslim Friend to Illegal Muslim Aliens


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Comment: I had published for my list of contacts during the last year, early 2009, a warning about this kind of report wold be one of the next stages to help bring on the world government. This kind of report will provide an enemy on which to base the coming violence. My assertion at that time was that there would be Islamic Terrorist coming across the border from either Canada and/or Mexico and many of them might be linked to Chavez as would be reported by the MSM. Chavez would be listed as a collaborator whether it would be true or not. We also know that the CIA is linked to and works for or through RAND, Tavistock and RIIA (Royal Institute of International Affairs; boss to our CFR) and is linked to the “Roundtable” and the Committee of the 300. In reality, the CIA is not working for the U.S. Government. All of the intelligence services in virtually every country are supportive of the NWO Agenda. Most of the American government employees are more than likely not even aware of this. The ignorance of these employed Americans and many talk show hosts are ignorant of the reality and even refuse to investigate the evidence which I find borders on the realm of stupidity no matter what degree or GS rating that they may have. Nevertheless, back to topic, here is my assessment and background of this report.

Based on the fact that the conspiracy is real and can be proven beyond a shadow of a doubt; I have to say the following is my opinion based on several factors. I believe that the prison in GITMO was set up by the CIA for many reasons and one was not for discovering where the next terrorist attacks against the US were going to happen. I believe that the alleged Islamic terrorist were used as test subjects to establish procedures and do experiments on, in order to determine what could be used to break a person down, brainwash them into hating Americans and due to the reported abuse; designed to create hostility toward Americans in order to start a bombing campaign. This is not in any way out of the ordinary because it was actually planned by the Nixon Administration to justify a declaration of martial law in 1972. A series of bombings were to be set up by a super-secret unit in the LAPD, and blamed on the anti-war protestors following the planned assassination of Spiro Agnew at the Republican Convention. [Glasshouse Tapes, by Louis Tackwood, 1973]. Secondly, the prison could have been establishing procedures that will be used against Americans who are caught up in the coming martial law in the United States. In order to find locations of where the so called Christian underground if formed, would be and also to gather intelligence about future militia operations, etc…..when it all comes together as the North American Union.

The reports that were brought back about the abuse going on at GITMO also indicated to me that an allowance by the elites to film the activity, take pictures to send home to “mama”; films, were allowed to be published on the internet and MSM. The purpose would be to inform American Muslims of the abuse in order to build a strong support base for the incoming terrorist that would be finally released upon the American people. It would instill the desire to retaliate against Americans for their abuse and to die for Allah. This will aid the U.S. government and others, if they start experiencing the same violence, enough justification for declaring martial law and a fourth planned dictatorship in this country, since 1933. It is a fact of history, as confirmed by irrefutable Historical research, that there were three previous attempts and this time they all failed.
So, this report sets up the “mindset” of Americans that Muslim terrorist are in the country and all other Muslims will support them thus creating a divide of Muslims and Christians similar to the FDR evils of separating Japanese Americans and non-Japanese Americans. Even though it might be true; the insider groups in the State Department and CIA would facilitate this activity. I find this interesting that on one side, the American taxpayer believes that there is a war on terror against Muslims. The hypocritical Christian clergy [controlled by the CFR and National Council of Churches], even has speakers going around the congregations and speaking against Islam during services. Many if not all of these speakers are trained by the Jesuits to spread this disinformation. Islam is not compatible with Christianity, yes, RADICAL Islamic terrorist do exist but they are in the control by several cells in between, by the intelligence services to be the blame of the coming violence thereby hiding who are the real globalist. Another camp swears that this is a Jewish conspiracy all the way. So, would that mean Muslims and Jews are working together to dismantle the United States? This is hardly the case. Then who are behind this conspiracy? It is in fact Jesuits, 13 Illuminati families, Zionist (who are not real Jews), and higher level Masons as they fulfill their agenda for the one world government, one world religion and one currency. Most Masons have no idea that this is the case. The Muslim radical groups, Tea party marches, Sons of Liberty, KKK many other groups including crime gangs and motorcycle gangs are used as pawns. The globalist use a strategy called The Hegelian Dialectic to set up the necessary conditions for the tightening of security, gun control, confiscation of weapons, passing a law or act, where as they set up the problem, they have the solution and can control the reaction. Or, it can be used more formerly as setting up a thesis, anti-thesis and you get a synthesis that is predictable.

The following is setting up a false flag yet to come and is total non-sense. Certainly they will have members of the Islamic insiders providing the necessary roles to be convincing to the American public. It is obvious that Beck is another Alex Jones and not quite to the level of Mason Ron Paul. He says that “Al Qaeda is thought to be working or could be working with the white supremist groups?” Now, just how ignorant is that? Many of the white supremist are former veterans anyway returning from Iraq or Afghanistan. Sara Carter, Fox News with commentary is just as bad and a puppet all the way used by the CFR controllers.

Al-Qaeda’s Plan to Kill Us by Crossing our Mexican Border – Anthrax and 330,000 Dead Americans

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I received this bit of intelligence concerning the Tea Party movement from a third source:

“This movement started a year and a half before you heard about it as the Ron Paul R3volution. As others kept waking up after his presidential run, it coalesced into the Tea Party movement, THEN it was hijacked by Fox, the GOP establishment, and the CIA. I saw the CIA infiltration and attempted misdirection occurring in a new local and now successful grassroots organization. Luckily, the leaders of that group did not give in to the propaganda and pressure.”

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