NWO – Vatican Disorder – interview with Dave Cleveland

We can document the 1st Reich and the 2nd Reich and the 3rd Reich, Kingdom.  The 4th Reich is now unfolding, backed by the Vatican and their Illuminati.  New soldiers for the Reich are already in position to usher in their New World Disorder.

Most people have no idea that Hitler was operating for the Vatican.  Shimon Perez is an operative for the Vatican.  The Queen is at the top of the Masonic Order food chain.  Very few Jews today are actual descendants of Judah.  It looks like a 3rd World War may begin from the Euphrates River.  Even Arafat doesn't hate the Jews, he despises Zionists.  Can we tell the difference between them?

Robert Hender " R J "
Thur  Aug 12, 2010
Subject; Red House Report – Evil World Control plans disclosed – R J interview with Dave Cleveland


   Today I took time with Dave Cleveland to discuss more evidence of an Evil Plot to Rule the World.  Dave Cleveland has done an exhaustive research into the details of what could be defined as the 4th Reich.  www.republicbroadcasting.org   These plans are couched in other names, " Democracy, " " Zionism, " " North American Union, " " SPP, " " Global Warming, " " Cap and Trade, " " Organized Religion, " " Agenda 21, " " Sustainable Development, " and others. 

   One of the next things we ought to be watching for is a new Peace Agreement between Israel and the Palestnians. 


Morning Liberty Program – Thursday August, 12, 2010

Listen to the 1st hour

Listen to the 2nd hour

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