Top 5 – Civil Wars Planned for America

Military Troops from Cuba and Russia and China and Mexico may be preparing to strike America.  Negotiations are under way for America between many nations to Solve the Causes behind a military invasion of the states. 

Today Kelby Smith and Tom Gambill joined me to discuss an impending war between Israel and Iran.  NWO pushers keep trying to suck America and the rest of the world in to this WW3.  Kelby from and Tom from are doing everything they can to Speak Out for the Truth.  We don't get much truth from the Main Press any more.

Robert Hender " R J "
Wed  Aug 18, 2010 
Subject; Israel may be Striking Iran SoonKelby Smith & Tom Gambill link to Radio Interview with " R J "

   Kelby Smith has been joining me on Wednesdays at  to discuss the latest progress by what was known as the Restore America Plan.  Tom Gambill also joined us today to discuss the details of a World War that may be at our very doors.   

   The I R S folks have been collecting revenue from over 200 countries.  Those nations deserve an apology.  According to Fox news this morning, Israel may be planning an attack on Iran by this coming weekend. 

   In California construction companies have been building " Get Ready Rooms, " and Field Support Trailers.  These would be used in the event of a military invasion of America or in the event of Martial Law. 

   Often we are left to ourselves, trying to connect the dots of evidence to discover the truth of what events lie before us.

   Bible Prophecy speaks of wars and rumors of wars.  We have also been warned of the Mark of the Beast. 

   What if we repent?  Americans need to repent and turn around our own lives.  As a nation we need to apologize to people and nations we may have offended or injured.  We can do this. 

   At least 5 times in America's history a " planned civil war, " was in the works.  The President and TPTB have been trying to divide and conquer America.  Take a look at who the President was and examine the policies and tactics that were put in place;  1 -1862     2 – 1933 to 1934    3 – 1960 to 1963    4 – 1969 to 1974     5 – 1999     6 – 2007

   The Creator has been protecting America. 

   God may not be able to protect us from ourselves. 

   The Amero is now waiting in the wings, for America.  This new gold backed currency has been prepared for you and me. The Amero is a NWO money system and on some of the bills may be the language of the North America Union. 

   Tom Gambill claims that more than 2 million foreign troops are already in America, waiting the Green Light to take control of the country.  More Military Troops from Mexico and Cuba and Russia and China are waiting to strike America at Louisiana, Florida, Texas and Arizona and California and the State of Washington. 

   Are you praying for America? 

   Corporations are out of money.  Washington D C will not be able to make their payroll after Sept 30, 2010.  Right now the Government is printing and spending $1/4 Trillion a month to continue their Fiction activity. 

   Listen to the 2 hours between " R J "  and  Kelby  and  Tom  from the link below.

 Morning Liberty Program, Wednesday August 18, 2010

Listen to Hour 1
Listen to Hour 2

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