Economic Collapse – Martial Law – Amero, It’s All the Same

A country needs to control it's own money or it is not a country at all.  America has been a Colony of England, from the Get Go and agreements are still in place that quantify every American as a Subject of the Queen, property.

Pops is not a fan of the Restore America Plan, but he continues to make comments that support the same objectives that the Republic of the united States has.  The Amero is coming, as a NWO, NAU currency.  This audio clip discloses a few things that Americans need to know.  In the end, we all get to make up our own mind.  We are about to transition in to a new America. 

Tue  Aug 17, 2010 
Subject; The Amero is North American Union Money – NWO

Tim Turner says we need a Treasury Backed Currency

Listen To Pops

He says not to accept the AMERO or you will be accepting the NWO!

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