Top 3 Beliefs in Islam – Shari’a Law For Ever

The christian Bible and the Jewish Torah were written by several authors, at many different points in time and their writings were combined in 1 book.  The Qur'an is 1 book, written by 1 man in his own lifetime and it's full of commands.

The Qur'an has contradictions in it.  Muslims are told to follow the most recent writings, in the Qur'an that Mohammad wrote.  Peaceful passages were written early in the Qur'an, but more violent, passages were written later in the book.  Shari'a is the Law of Allah.  Muslims are allowed to decieve Non Muslims as long as it protects and helps Islam.  All non-Muslims are enemies to Islam.

The White Roses
Wed  Aug 18, 2010
Subject;  Top 3 Things About Islam We Need to Know

   We had better understand Islam better, real quick.

   Islam is a Religion of Peace so long as everybody is Islam.  Any non Muslim is considered an enemy.  Free Speech and Democracy are abominations.   

   1 – Islam has not been hijacked.  Shari'a Law is supposed to be spread until it is the Law over the whole earth.  Muslims will tell us all about their peaceful intentions to our face, but they consider all non-believers as infidels, as the enemy. 

   2 – It is the duty of every Muslim to spread Islam and their Shari'a Law. 

   3 – Muslims are allowed to deceive all non Muslims as long as it helps Islam.  Taquiyya, or lying is allowed. 



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