New World Order – Lighted Beings In Charge

Satanic Thugs are working to being the world under their control.  The Illuminati and their minions have been working for centuries to implement their plans.  On a World Wide Basis people are changing.  Ascended Masters can speak with satan.

Violinio Germain, Esu Immanuel Sananda, Hatonn and other Lighted Beings are working to assist with a Devine Plan for the earth, so they say.  The world knows very little about the Global Family.  As the lower Mountain Groups continue to work to enslave mankind the Higher Level families are involved too.  Our world is in transition, changing right in front of our eyes.  These Global Families look to Lucifer as the Angel of Light.

Patrick Bellringer 
Thur  Aug 19, 2010
Subject; The Global Family Dynasties are In Charge

'HELLO, CENTRAL!' O.I.T.C. AND WHISTLEBLOWER, AGAIN! (Updated August 18, 2010)

Patrick H. Bellringer

 Could Casper comment on the O.I.T.C. group and Whistleblowers authenticity?
It appears in recent memos in RMN that he believes that NESERA is false and Casper does not have the authority of higher up elites to forecast or comment with authenticity. This is getting to be a nightmare for us poor folk, to understand where the truth lies….and where the misinformation is attributable to!!!
    Casper has commented on O.I.T.C. and Whistleblower today.  Those comments are presently posted on Fourwinds.
    I take the liberty to make my comments about same, herein.  I tire of the periodic surfacing and cycling of the Internet prattle concerning O.I.T.C. (Office of International Treasury Control) and Whistleblower.
    Whistleblower was a "nobody" until years ago he contacted me and requested to speak "his piece" on Fourwinds.  I granted his request and gave him the handle, "Whistleblower" to maintain his anonymity and privacy, as he requested.  Since then I have learned much about the workings of Global Family and where O.I.T.C. fits in their heirarchy.
    Whistleblower has publicly stated that for years he worked, as an attorney, for O.I.T.C.   Some years ago he retired from his work at O.I.T.C., but has maintained an affiliation with them.  Apparently, he has assumed the position of being an Internet spokesperson for this group.
    The world knows very little about Global Family.  They have existed for eons of time.  Global Family is composed of manly layers in its structure, like that of an onion.  The lower layers are composed of many groups called "mountain groups".  Some examples of these are the Federal Reserve, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), the Vatican, the Pentagon, the City of London, the Bank of International Settlements (BIS), the World Bank, the Rockefeller Family and the Rothschild Family.
    The higher layers of the Global Family hierarchy are composed of the Family Dynasties of the world  Some of these are the Chinese Dynasty, Japanese Dynasty, French Dynasty, Philippine Dynasty, British Dynasty, Spanish Dynasty, Inca Dynasty, Aztec Dynasty and so on.  The top layers of Global Family are the Divine hierarchy, composed of enlightened humans, beings that are inter-dimensional such as Violinio Germain, Esu Immanuel Sananda, and Hatonn, and various other Lighted Beings, who assist with the Divine Plan for our planet.
    Please understand that each layer or level has a given purpose and mission, and is told only what they need to know.  Therefore, a lower level may not know what the next one higher is doing or who is involved, or that it even exists.  Thus, any given layer/level may not know of the over-all Divine Plan for Shan.
    Centuries ago the Family Dynasties decided to pool their wealth and use it for the needs of humanity.  This wealth was placed under the authority of Global Family and a sole signatory appointed for its release for humanitarian purposes.  Many lower level groups were created and given a small portion of the wealth for safe-keeping and for use for humanitarian purposes.  These groups all rest under the authority of the Sole Signatory, and all must answer to that office.  They must work within the regulations set up by Global Family for the use of these funds.
    O.I.T.C. is one of these small groups.  Dr. Ray C. Dam of Cambodia was given authority over O.I.T.C.  Early this century Dr. Dam was proven to have committed fraud with O.I.T.C. funds, was repremanded and reduced in authority, but has retained his position as head of O.I.T.C.  Whistleblower has claimed that O.I.T.C. holds the world's wealth, and that Dr. Dam is the sole signatory for same.  That, simply, is not true.  They are only a very small piece of a very large puzzle.
    The Global Gold Banking System is being implemented under the authority of Global Family and the Divine Plan.  The Federal Reserve and the Illuminati cannot stop it, though they have managed to delay its implementation for some time.  Know that the world is at the point of change to Goodness, finally.
    You may challenge what I have said, but I speak Truth.  Over the years I have been provided with sources for information and contact within the highest levels of Global Family.  I shall not reveal these sources, nor do I wish to discuss further O.I.T.C.  They chose a rather lofty name for themselves, and have fooled many with their propaganda.
    I expect Whistleblower to howl like a stepped-on cat and verbally attack me with the greatest zeal for writing this Truth.  So be it.  He fools no one of the Light.
    Be wise, my friend, and be in peace!
                            In Love and Light,
                            Patrick H. Bellringer

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