Restore America Plan – Dr Livingston In Charge

On Sunday night the 22nd of August Dr Dale Livingston spent 2 hours instructing members of the Restore America Plan movement that his plan will save the Constitution and is the answer for America.

What promises did Tom make when he met with the Queen?  Regan Dwayne and Tom Schultz are smarter than Dr Livingston was trying to be in this 2 hour lecture on the Constitution of the United States.  With Dr Livingston as the new Pied Piper, where do Tom and Regan intend to march mindless assemblies? 

Dr Dale Livingston 
Sun  Aug 22, 2010
Subject;  Top 10 R A P Definitions – Where are Tom and Regan trying to take this thing now?     2 Hour Link below

   How many calls for Talkshoe Profit must we listen to before the Guardian Elders garner success with the original promises that were made to the juries?  Sunday evening we were subjected to a 2 hour lecture on the Constitution of the United States. 

   Tom and Regan know better.  Dr Livingston had very little to offer the 1,350 volunteers for liberty, already assembled.  

   Our rights do not stem from any Constitution.  Opinions are Not Law. 

   Did these so-called Elders forget " We Hold These Truths to Be Self Evident…  Life, Liberty and Property. "

   Our claim to Liberty comes from God. 

   First, you shrug off a division between Sam Kennedy and yourselves.  Second, you want us to continue to follow you 2 blindly as you found some Dr Livingston who espouses the joys of a Constitution. 

   Every one of you – Regan and Tom and Tim and Sam made a promise with us, before God.  We Stood With You. 

   I will not follow you to hell. 

   Tom, what promises did you make to the Queen?   

   Why do you have to divide and conquer Regan and Tom?  How many moles do you have hidden among the Juries? 

   Together, we can accomplish more than any one of us can alone. 

   As America needs our unity, you continue to throw 1,350 Jury Members before new wolves.  

2 Hour Lecture on Constitution by Dr Livingston  talkshoe

   Dr Dale Livingston explained some new definitions for us. 



        National Sovereign Law Referendum 

        Constitutional Law Courts 

        Royal Brats – the Founding Fathers 

        The Charter 

        Constitutional Solemn Assembly Courts 

        Contempt of Constitution 

        The Ghost Key 

        Post Rose Test 

        Commander In Chief Test 

        Dissolve Our Differences 

   You don't look like Elders to Me, any more. 

   You continue to throw one another and the 1,350 Jury Members under the bus, at will.  

   You speak about transparency, in the call Sunday night, but you continue to hide while you attack old friends.   







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6 Responses to “Restore America Plan – Dr Livingston In Charge”

  1. Marshall OConnor says:

    What has happened to RAP. If this is supposed to be of God why is it failing?

    • RJ says:

      People are now taking sides.

      There are some key elements to Recognizing the Truth and seeing the lies for what they are.

      Tom and Regan know better, you can bet on it. Our liberty does not come from the Constitution. I have no idea where they found this goon Dr Dale Livingston, but he may think he has history all lined up, pursuant to the Constitution of the United States, but he is leading people astray for our liberty comes from God. We are creatures of God.

      What man did not create, man can not destroy.

      Tom and Regan are now working to destroy Tim’s credibility.

      Tom and Regan are trying to muddy the water with rhetoric.

      Tom Shaultx wants the Military to take over America. Martial Law would suit Tom, just fine.

      Tom did meet with the Queen. Have you ever met with the Queen. Tom has not been the same man, since that meeting with the Queen. What sort of agreement do you think they have?

      • Myra says:

        When did Tom meet with the Queen of England and for what purpose? What were the changes you saw in him afterwards? What do we have to do with the Queen of England!

        • RJ says:

          Answering that question would require that I deliver details that I have promised I would keep quiet.

          Watch carefully the motives of every one of these people.

          First there was 4 so-called Elders and now there is 1 who still is pursuing Liberty for America…

  2. reednatts says:

    RJ, did Tom make the claim that he met the Queen?

    • RJ says:

      I am aware of this meeting by Tom, but with all of the details that I cover I can’t nail it down, right now.

      Keep watching…

      Pray and follow the answers God gives you.

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