Restore America Plan – Regan Dwayne Has a New Plan

Why do the Elders of the Restore America Plan continue to disagree and divide?  Are they aware of the damage that may come by dividing their efforts and the Juries?  Is that the Plan by Tom and Regan?

Why does Regan Dwayne continue to swear, even on a Conference Call?  Regan continues to claim that the Vatican is still in charge of everything.  Who is in charge of Regan?  Who will Regan and Tom attack next?  More than 1,350 Americans are risking everything to Stand for Liberty and Tom and Regan continue to argue and contend. 

Regan Dwayne 
Fri  Aug 20, 2010 
Subject;  Regan and Tom may Have a New Restore America Plan

   On Friday night Regan Dwayne began to announce that he and Tom have a better Restore America Plan. 

   If you can stand the foul language you may hear what Tom and Regan have in store next? 

   How many Rabbit Holes will these so-called Elders try to lead over 1,350 Liberty Volunteers in to?

   Do Dwayne and Tom not see the harm they are inflicting on a nation? 

   Do Tom and Dwayne not see the damage they are causing? 

    Maybe that is a part of their plan, to divide and destroy. 

Link to Talkshoe Radio discourse by Regan Dwayne .

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13 Responses to “Restore America Plan – Regan Dwayne Has a New Plan”

  1. LH says:

    Tim did not leave RAP. Tom and Regan left and are trying to usurp RAP and the Gold. They are lying. I am 100% behind RAP and those liers can go to jail.

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