Economic Collapse – This Depression Leads to War

Gerald Celente says this depression will lead America in to a World War.  Alex Jones continues to interview people about events that may bring America to a crisis situation, but is anybody listening? 

TPTB are setting us up for war in September.  CNBC is admitting that America is now in a depression.  Gerald Celente says that we're in a Double Dip Depression.  The Federal Reserve is now admitting that America is now in deep trouble.  Celente says we never got ourselves out of the first recession.  When all else fails, TPTB take us to wary.  A dispute is now underway between Vietnam and China.  Hillary says this conflict impacts America's security. 

Alex Jones
Tue  Aug 10, 2010
Subject; Barry Soetoro is Setting America Up For War to Fix America's Depression

The current depression will lead us to War..

 This is a 14 minute interview of Gerald Celente on August 10, 2010. Get ready.

Mountain man


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