Restore America Plan – Motives Matter w/Kelby Smith

4 Leaders got things started with the Restored America Plan.  Very few of the 1,350 Americans who stood with these Guardian Elders, ever met the original 4 men.  Motives of these Guardian Elders are beginning to show.

Adhesion Contracts have turned nearly every American into the Property of the Corporate United States.  Sam Kennedy and Regan Dwayne and Tom Shaults and Tim Turner disclosed a plan for returning our freedoms.  Sam Kennedy walked away, maybe with the money.  Tom Shaults wants America to be placed under the control of the military.  Regan Dwayne now is standing with Tom and Dr Dale Livingston to set the De Jure Grand Juries aside and to bring in Malitias across America.  Tim Turner continues to say that we can restore liberty in America, in a peaceful manner.

Robert Hender " R J "
Wed  Aug 25, 2010
Subject; Pruning the R A P Tree – Motives Matter 

   Today I interviewed Kelby Smith to gather more answers from the Restore America Plan movement.  It's not a Plan any more but the beginnings of a new country.  Get used to the Republic of the United States.  You can check it out at   You are needed, to learn and then to teach the concepts of Liberty in America.

   Most of us have forgotten what Freedom Looks like. 

   You can find more details at 


Morning Liberty Program  –   August 25, 2010  RJ and Kelby

Listen to Hour 1

Listen to Hour 2

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3 Responses to “Restore America Plan – Motives Matter w/Kelby Smith”

  1. stella says:

    Just a few words for this so called “Leaders” of RAP

    It was predicted that this cat fight will happened and I have to say, you guys have not disappoint!!!

    The smart people that wanted nothing to do with this movement are not surprised at all, but they keep soldier on to erradicate this evil and that is exactly what we need to do…forget about this DIVAS, the worl is not big enough to contain their EGOS, if they want our support let them show us what they are REALLY DOING TO FIGHT FOR OUR LIBERTY!!! other than that…walk away…We are smart enough and strong enough to survive this spoiled selfish men, stop listening to their rants and vacant arguments and DEMAND they behive like adults and KEEP THEIR PROMISSES TO FIGHT FOR US!!!

    • RJ says:

      It’s important to look beyond the seeming fog.

      Find your prayer closet too in order to come to the truth on these matters.

      On my Radio Program I am doing my best to dispell the fog.

  2. Karri Chew says:

    My heart is beating so fast from passion after listening to the interviews with Kelby. I used to work for Kelby back in the 90’s at his company Global Credit. I have thought of him on and off through the years. Not sure why I received an odd urge to cyber stalk him, but now I know why! His path has taken him incredibly far, and I AM NOW HIS BIGGEST FAN, HIS BIGGEST SUPPORTER!!!
    All of us have made major life sacrifices for this hard work, and yes it’s a burden, BUT, as it was already planned before we came, WE WILL WIN THIS BATTLE FOR GOD!!! THAT IS A FACT!!!
    THANK YOU SO MUCH RJ for ALL that you do on this ENTIRE SITE and RADIO STATION!!! : )

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