Restore America Plan – Pruning the Tree

People can make up their own mind.  Sam Kennedy walked away, Regan Dwayne and Tom Shaults want a private life and so Tim Turner was voted as the Public Face of the Restore America plan.  Since then it's clear some R A P leaders may have their own agenda. 

The complete intention of the Republic of the United States is to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, house the homeless and to free the captives in America and then around the world.  A few Guardians may have wanted America under the control of the military, but Tim Turner knows Americans will choose for Liberty if we give them a chance.  The World is Now Waiting on Us, to turn America around and to be a blessing to the whole world. 

Robert Hender " R J "

Mon Aug 23, 2010

Subject; Survival or Destruction – Republic of the United States

   We had a visit with Tim Turner today. 

   Over the last few days Regan and Tom seem to be taking another direction with their version of the Restore America Plan. 

   The whole world will be impacted by the decisions and actions we are taking now as De Jure Grand Juries and as Americans.  Your country needs you now and you can take a look for further evidence at  or you can find more documentation at

   Our Creator-God seems to be pruning his tree in order to make this Creation more straight, taller and stronger.  Every one of us have the opportunity to choose our path.  We need to find our prayer closets and take the Hand of God for a miraculous walk that now lies before us. 

   We are now Called to Change a Nation, to Bless the World. 

   In America there are about 307 million people.  As the initial call went forth from the Guardian Elders on the 31st of January, 2010 about 1,350 Americans took a stand for Liberty.  At the time we thought we were engaged in Restoring America.  Promises were made to us and promises were broken.  Men and Women jumped on board this R A P ship and people have jumped off the R A P ship. 

   About a week ago the Congressional Budget Office declared that the Corporations are running out of money.  Today the CBO announced that the Corporations are about to crash and burn. 

   Some people are anxious to see America crash and burn.  TPTB have a New World Disorder planned for us.  Hillary Clinton could be their choice for a NWO America and every Patriot could be hung and Martial Law could be the new status quo.  If America goes dark then the whole world will crash and burn as well, under the boot of a Satanic World Cabal. 

   The Plan to Restore America has been completed.  The Republics of America have been reinhabited.  Outside the jurisdictions of the Corporations Americans are Standing again, under God and declaring America as Free.  We are no longer the Restore America Plan, but the Republic of the united States. 

   We don't opose the Government, as it now exists.  They will eithe stand or collapse under their own merits. 

   We believe that a Spiritual, Physical, Political and Financial meltdown of America is now under way.  We can not stand by as America collapses, but we stand poised to return Liberty and Life to the dormant Republic. 

   Detractors to our Stand are attacking the brave Americans who are risking everything to stick their necks out for America.  Yes, opposition has been showing up and threats of all kinds have been flying, but We Shall Continue to Stand for our families and our country and your family. 

   Have you noticed Cities and Counties and States and a Nation that continues to lay-off teachers, police, firemen and many personnel because there is no more money.  It isn't going to get any better, under the current Corporate system in America.

   Quietly, people from the military and within the existing government are watching the Restore America movement and they know their days are numbered.  Risking their positions, many people within government are supporting the position the R A P volunteers are taking. 

   We are about to see the literal meltdown of the government, as we now know it. 

   We will have to start again from scratch, outside of the Corporate system.  Before the American, Corporate meltdown completely arrives careful plans are moving forward with a Provisional Government, a temporary fix to a collapsed America.  A Provisional Government, with delegates from each Republic, will work to set up new national and local elections. 

   The Republic of the United States is a valid Government in America. 

   Nothing else can save America.  What began as the Restore America Plan has turned into the Republic of the United States and it is the only hope for America, now.  We have a Real Chance to make this work.

   Funding offers have come to the leades of RAP, but Homeland Security is poised to sieze the assets and the Federal Reserve is ready to steal these funds.  It takes money to run a country.  We don't have to watch America crash and burn, but there are many things we can do to replace the dead wood in the current Corporate system. 

   Americans now need to come together, like never before. 

   Every County ought to have it's own De Jure Grand Jury.  Take a look at

   America is the Lost Lamb that God has gone to find.  God wants America to be Free. 

   What we are doing in America has never been done before.  After we restore Liberty in America we will continue to spread liberty to other countries, all over the world. 

   America now has 2 choices, Destruction or this Restore America movement. 

   Will you continue to be a spectator? 

   What skills do you have to bring in this effort? 

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J

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