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How can we tell when Barry Soetoro is lying?  It is determined by who he is speaking to.  When Obama speaks to Muslims he will tell them the truth, it's on film.  When Obama speaks to you and me, he lies and we have that on film too.  We must watch what President Obama does. 

This " New Yorker, " picture speaks volumes.  Barry Soetoro is a Muslim, no matter how many times the Main Press says he's a Christian.  Obama and his wife are working to Transform America into a Shari'a Law Nation.  In order to accomplish this noble Muslim task he must lie to you and me.  It's called the law of Taquiyya, the Islamic rule that gives Obama permission to lie to us.

Give Us Liberty 1776 
Sat  Aug 21, 2010
Subject; Barry Soetoro – American President that Muslims Can Count On

   Beyond what the Main Press has been trying to convince us of – we all know President Obama is a Muslim.  

   Taquiyya is an Islam law that allows a Muslim to lie in order to protect and to promote Islam and their Shari'a Law.

   We must carefully weigh what President Obama does, not just what he says.

   A Culture Jihad is being waged against America.  They call it Creeping Shari'a, as they carefully take over America.   

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  1. Concerned January 13, 2013 at 7:49 PM

    Can Obama be impeached for this?

  2. Susan Reeves November 22, 2015 at 1:28 PM

    What does Obama have to do to be removed from office? He is not from the United States, he is doing many things that can bring harm to the citizens of this country. I feel ashamed of the country I was born in and was very proud of. We have had nothing but crooks running out country for years. We really need to go back to the ways of the Constitution which our forefathers founded this country and fought for . These Muslams and Islamist people need to live peacefully in their own countries. They need to learn to be able to produce and provide food, nececcary things including education in their own countries. There should be no poverty anywhere! Americans also need jobs back here in our own country, etc.
    What is so hard about all of this? Wars and the cabal need to be stopped, then we and other countries in the world will all be much better places to live.

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