Pedophiles Rule – Kids Keep Disappearing

Day Care Centers and Wayward Homes for Boys or Girls and Schools and a few other sites where kids life and play are considered as " a Candy Store, " for pedophiles and trafficers of children. 

Kidnapping Teams are paid to search and nab children for paying customers.  Politicians, Business people, Religious Leaders, Doctors, Teachers, some Cops and other paying customers have been found buying and using our children.  At Satanic Worship Ceremonies some of these abducted children are used also and discarded.  We need to do a better job at watching our children.  We need better punishment for people who buy children, people who abduct children and people who interfere with the prosecution of child trafficers and pedophiles. 

Robert Hender " R J " 
Tue  Aug 17, 2010
Subject; Pedophiles Rule – Candy for Politicians – 1 hour link below

   Jim Rothstein was a cop in New york during the 1960's.  He joined me on the radio today at  and we discussed how he ended up chasing people who sell and traffic little boys and little girls in America. 

   Rothstein has joined me On the Radio before.  He was once offered $1 million to stop his investigation of where the missing boys went to. 

   A Candy Store is a business where pedophiles may gain a steady supply of victims; day care centers, schools, Catholic Youth Houses and school yards. 

   Kidnapping Teams are paid to travel and nab a kid that may fit the description of some paying customer. 

   You may be surprised who the paying customers are, members of Congress, Teachers, Police, Business folks, Religious people, Doctors, Epcott Center and people from every walk of life. 

   Some times abducted children are used to compromise politicians. 

   New laws must be put in place to protect children and families from these pedophiles.  The Death Penalty must be imposed upon people who are involved with the trafficing of children.  A felony must be the punishment for anyone who interferes with the investigation of an abduction. 

   There is a Dark, Satanic Side of America that many Americans have no comprehension about. 

Morning Liberty Program, Tuesday August 17, 2010

Listen to Hour 1

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3 Responses to “Pedophiles Rule – Kids Keep Disappearing”

  1. jUST A cOUNTRY bOY says:

    People that do these things to children need to be slain.
    And dispatched to where they belong forethwith.

  2. jUST A cOUNTRY bOY says:

    ” There is a Dark, Satanic Side of America that many Americans have no comprehension about. ”


  3. Little red bloob says:

    These mean barsterds that kidnap these kids!

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