Top 10 Steps to America’s Surender – Robert Welch

Robert Welch advised Americans in 1974 that we need to Get out of the United Nations and that we need to get the UN out of America.  Satanic Conspirators have been working to conquer America from within and from without. 

Founding Fathers are needed in America now.  In 1958 and again in 1974 Robert Welch of the John Birch Society gave speeches to warn Americans about the Steps that have now been completed for the Take Down of America.  Is there enough passion in our hearts and enough sense in our heads to change America's course for destruction? 

Robert Welch 
Subject: Economic Collapse of America
Date: Tue, 24 Aug 2010

   Every American needs to view these 2 Speeches by Robert Welch in the Video Clip below.

   In 1958 Robert Welch warned Americans of 10 Steps to America's Collapse 

  1. On Purpose Government Spending, getting rid of America's money wastefully, as quickly as possible.
  2. Taxes, even Much Higher Taxes and Extra Taxes for Americans
  3. an Unbalanced Budget and ever expanding out of control American Budget
  4. Wild Inflation and the Loss of Our Own Control of Our Money
  5. Government Control over prices, wages and products 
  6.  Socialist Control over our Economy and eventually over Every Aspect of Our Lives 
  7.  Centralizing Power in Washington D C, eventually removing state lines and any sense of local sovereignty
  8. Federal Aid to and Complete Control by the Federal Government of the Education System in America
  9. Better Red than Dead – pursuading Americans to dread modern warfare
  10. Slow Surender of Liberty any place in the world and in America

  If you didn't believe it then, believe it now. History has vindicated him, despite the howls of derision and venomous attacks of the liberals of his day.

GET 100%? My answer: Study and careful analysis of what could be gleaned from open sources. . . and an immunity to the sly blandishments of the venal politicians. – Gary VH


   In 1974 Robert Welch inspired Americans with a few suggestions for what we could do to Restore America in 15 years.

  1. Get America out of the United Nations and get the U N out of America
  2. Return to an Honest Money Standard – preferably a gold standard
  3. Reduce the Size of Government, drasticly
  4. Withdraw American Troops from foreign countries.  Defend America
  5. Get Government out of areas in America that Government doesn't belong. 

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