Muslim Militia – America’s Death by a Thousand Cuts

We didn't see this one coming.  We've been paying attention to other things.  Muslims around the world are organizing and attacking our culture.  Shari'a Law is bigger than the Ground Zero Mosque.

Official Islam watchers claim that by 2018 Shari'a Law will eclipse our American Way of Life.  The 1st cut in America's slow death is our lax immigration system.  The 2nd cut is removing Christ from Christmas because it offends Muslims.  The 3rd death cut is Mosques being built all over America with oil money.  A Ground Zero Mosque would show the world Islam's Victory over the Infidels.

Rich Carroll
Tue  Aug 24, 2010 
Subject; Barry Soetoro – Leading a Thousand Muslim Cuts

The truth is stranger than the fiction, Uncle Butch!!
Tell me this is not happening now right before our eyes and we are too apathetic and politically correct to stop it?

Don't consider the following commentary off the wall.  It is in fact the way Muslim immigrants have acted in EU countries.  As they gain populations they become more brazen and demanding until they are permitted to operate under Sharia laws in their communities.  R.

Death by a Thousand Cuts
By Rich Carroll
Historians will define by abstract terms the year 2018 as the death of the United States of America; the year when Sharia law superseded Constitutional law. These same historians will write that America followed the course of another great civilization, Athens, in their pursuit of self-indulgence and a grasp for humanism while ignoring the slow signals of erosion from within. Athens enemies took advantage of this internal weakness and absorbed them, as Islam accomplished with the United States slowly but inexorably.
The first “cut” of the slow death occurred by Muslims manipulating a lax American immigration system. This opened the doors for a predatory migration that would consume American tax dollar resources in the form of various “aid”. Muslims would cluster in their own communities, not accepting American traditions and values, and use liberal American loophole laws to secure their own sharia traditions through countless lawsuits.
The second “cut” was a growing Muslim population saw they could easily remove American traditions by merely being “offended.” America’s school children could no longer celebrate Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving and Halloween in the public school system because secular humanists within our educational system were all too eager to accommodate the “diverse” culture of Islam and erode traditional American values. Each new “victory” for Islam encroaching upon those things traditionally and uniquely “American” gave Muslims renewed vigor to pursue being “offended.” Civil lawsuits flooded our court system because a Muslim was either offended at having to hear the word “bacon” or felt they were discriminated against because someone stared at their clothing. Muslim religious footbaths were installed in public schools to appease them and lapdog liberal leaders under the guise of “tolerance” began recognizing Muslim religious holidays. American school children were encouraged to wear Muslim clothing to show these new immigrants how “culturally diverse” we could be.
The third “cut” occurred with Muslims building mosques on our forefather’s land. The building increased to 4 new mosques a week using unlimited Islam oil dollars, Muslims had unlimited resources to buy-out existing American churches and businesses and they did this with no one noticing. The gutless generation did not question mosques going-up every day in their neighborhoods nor the fact Christian churches were not allowed on Islamic land in the Middle East. No one asked, “if this is a peaceful religion why aren’t Baptist Churches allowed in Saudi Arabia and why are Christians in the Middle East killed daily?
A large mosque was built at ground zero in New York; a trophy to showcase Islam’s victory over infidels on 911. A portion of this mosque would house the sharia financial arm of Islam in the United States.
The predatory migration continued, and each new generation of Muslims saw how easily Americans would stop their traditions to appease any request from the new invaders. The cuts continued; small, unnoticed, but steady. Aided by organizations such as the ACLU and NEA, Islam was able to make greater strides to avoid “blending in” to American culture; but rather changing it to meet Allah’s goals of global domination.
A gutless American population stood-by and allowed this to happen. A generation of historically inept citizens who were preoccupied with Hollywood glitorillia and electronic gadgetry didn’t see the final tiny cut that would cause their death. These people did not know sharia law classes were being taught at their local taxpayer funded university. They did not know the word “God” had been removed from all textbooks and that liberal and Arabic publishers greased with Islam oil dollars, framed Islam as “peaceful” by distorting history within the pages of their books. Parents did not see the slow indoctrination performed on their children behind the walls of the local elementary school.
 These parents did not care because in the daily news media reviews of “slaughter” by Islam, they clung to some psychotic belief that “most Muslims are peaceful.”
The gutless generation of Americans were too consumed with frivolous pursuits to take a peek at the history and goals of Islam. These Americans had never felt the sting of battle or the sacrifice for liberty. America had a generation of people who couldn’t find Athens on a map, let-alone realize this once great Greek culture collapsed because of traitorous politicians, and a populace hungry for pornography, homosexuality, drugs, secular humanism and the pursuit of whatever made them “happy” without thought to being vigilant for preservation.
When a generation of people allows their cross and flag to be removed because it “offends” a foreign visitor, they have pretty much bled to death. A generation not worthy of the sacrifices made to keep them free and oblivious to the small cuts don’t deserve what we had. Someone turn out the lights and bury the flag. At least under ground it won’t be burned by a “peaceful” Muslim.

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2 Responses to “Muslim Militia – America’s Death by a Thousand Cuts”

  1. 1776blues says:

    I have one question, okay more than one:

    1) Would the usury dependent Federal Reserve allow for Sharia Banking laws to take away their power?

    2) Would a heavily Zionist controlled Congress allow for Sharia laws to usurp our current Police state laws?

    3) Who benefits in this manufactured war between Islam and Christianity?

    4) Which book other than the Bible recognizes Jesus in a kind way as a prophet, the Talmud or Quran?

    5) When did we begin to have problems with the Muslim countries, before or after Israel was formed?

    6) Who attacked the USS Liberty?

    7) If Sharia law only applies to Muslims if they choose, then why are people so fearful?

    8) Did our meddling in the affairs of the Middle East cause blow back?

    The Tea Party’s war on Islam is falling right in line with the neocon think tank’s belief and you have Glenn Beck, Newt, and Palin to thank for the hijacking of a freedom movement. Ron Paul a mason? What degree? What proof?

    • RJ says:

      Most Americans have no clue about the seriousness of these matters.

      Once somebody lies to us, how do we ever know when the truth is being spoken?

      Taquiyya is a law from the Quor’n that gives Muslims permission to lie as long as it protects and promotes Islam and Sari’a Law.

      It’s very difficult for me to get past any of these facts.

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