Restore America Plan – Starting Over w/Kelby Smith

New Developments are breaking through every week with what was known as the Restore America Plan movement.  92% of the Juries voted to move forward with Tim Turner and a Provisional Government.

America and it's Corporate Structure is now melting down.  This house of cards was built by the Rothschild Family Cabal and it's coming apart at the seems.  Tim Turner and the majority of the De Jure Grand Juries are poised to Stand and Act to Restore America's foundation of Liberty.  We may be the only hope that America has. 

Robert Hender " R J "
Tue  Aug 24, 2010
Subject; Starting Over for America – Links to 2 Hour Interview below with R J and Kelby Smith

   On Tuesday the 24th of August " R J " and Kelby Smith discussed in detail how the Republic of the Unites States may be the only hope for America.  At  the RBN proadcast is heard all over America and around the world. 

   The whole world is now watching to see what Americans will do as our country is now facing dangers from within and from without.  Over 80 nations came to the aid of the De Jure Grand Juries, " we the people, " as we are standing for liberty in America. Take a look at  and

   A Provisional Government is only a temporary fix for America to support the structure of this country while everything may seem to be collapsing around our ears. 

   Members of Congress, the Courts and other people in this government have been stealing from Americans.  Crimes against humanity, all over the world, have been inflicted by this CFR Cabal within the United States and they must be held accountable for their illegal activity. 

   The CBO recently has delivered the news of America's Financial meltdown and we shall see what happens next.

   Win, Lose or Draw at least We have Come to the Aid of our Country and in Support of the Future of Liberty in America.


Morning liberty Program – Tuesday August 24, 2010

Listen To Hour 1

Listen To Hour 2

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