Planet X – Oil Disaster in the Gulf is Not Over

Disasters all over the world reflect a gravitational tug at the elbow of our earth by Planet X.  Ocean beds are breaking up. Major rains and floods are wiping out communities all over.  More trouble is on the way.

John DiNardo knows about Planet X.  On the radio with " R J " John continues to risk his life to disclose the evidence of what Planet X is doing to the earth.  The oil spill in the Gulf is not over.  A pole shift is on it's way.  The Gulf Stream has nearly slowed down to a stop.  NASA has the evidence on Planet X, but TPTB don't want to cause a panic with the public.  Over 130 DUMB's have been built so that the mucky mucks can go into hiding for the Sun Scorching that is on it's way too. 

Robert Hender " R J "
Thur  Aug 26, 2010 
Subject; Gulf Oil Disaster Is Not Over – Planet X is On It's Way – John DiNardo interview links below

   Today John DiNardo and I discussed the impact that Planet X is having on the earth already. 

   NASA is aware of the Global Warming that is occurring because of Planet X.

   Branches of the U S Government are already bugging out for higher ground and their 130 DUMB's ahead of the Sun Scorching.

   Listen to the evidence yourself. Tell a friend. 

Morning liberty Program – Thursday August 26, 2010

Listen To Hour 1

Listen To Hour 2

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