Barry Soetoro – We Can’t Fix Stupid – 1 Term for Barry

Did we inherit liberty?  We're allowing clowns overrun America with stupid laws and stupid people.  Barry Soetoro doesn't give a frick about America.  We ought to be ashamed that we have allowed Obama and his people to happen.

Then Federal Government has grown by 25% in the last 18 months with President Obama.  If we continue to vote for Democrats, for Liberals and for Muslim expansion in America then we're the ones to blame for the collapase of America.  Barry Michael has it right here, getting angry about Obamacare and this Americans who are allowing this to happen.

Barry Michael
Fri  Aug 14, 3020
Subject; – You Can't Fix Stupid – 1 Term for Obama video link of Barry Michael below

JustaDeputy | August 14, 2010

I heard Houston Radio Host Michael Berry on the radio and he motivated me. I'm taking action! If you are "Proud to be an American" …you will take action too. Get involved; find a candidate and get to work.


I'm Taking Action – Michael Berry

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