Barry Soetoro – Won’t Protect Our Borders

Supreme Court Justice Sotomayor says the Supreme Court may soon crack down on our First Amendment Rights of Free Speech for the good of National Security.  Was Bin Laden a CIA operative?  Who will have the guts to say so?

Texas Congressman Ted Poe says it's too dangerous to travel America, near the border.  Signs from the Obama administration are warning Americans from travel near the border.  Chuck Baldwin says we need a Revolution, not a Movement after Glenn Beck and Sarah Palin gather with over half a million Americans in D C this last weekend. 

Dave Cleveland
Sun  Aug 29, 2010
Subject; Has Barry Soetoro Handed over Arizona to Mexico?

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Gates Foundation Invests in Monsanto

Conclusive: Global Distribution of Rockefeller-Funded Anti-Fertility Vaccine Coordinated by WHO
China is Unloading its Treasury Bonds
Catholic church using time limit to suppress child abuse cases, says lawyer
Jesuit-run school loses appeal against a court ruling giving a former pupil the right to pursue a £5m civil action, Friday 27 August 2010

We Need A Revolution, Not A Movement

…Mark my words: Palin and Beck may see themselves as part of a conservative “movement,” but they want nothing to do with an old-fashioned, honest-to-God, Patrick Henry-style revolution. In fact, they are doing everything in their power to keep such a revolution from taking place.
This does not mean that Palin and Beck do not contribute some good things to freedom’s fight. They do. The problem is, for every good thing they contribute they counterbalance it by supporting establishment principals, such as John McCain and Newt Gingrich, and attacking non-establishment players and ideas, which serves only to keep the Big-Government power structure firmly ensconced in Washington, D.C…

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BP Investigation Blocked By Senate:

6 Massive Secret Operations Hidden All Around You 


Mexico to Ban Payment in Cash

If approved by the legislature, the legislation would not allow anyone to buy real estate in cash. Neither would it permit anyone to spend more than MXN 100,000 (USD 7,700) in cash on vehicles, boats, airplanes and luxury goods
Corporate Media Dismisses Castro’s Bin Laden Claim As Far-Fetched Conspiracy Theory
The corporate media wasted little time in seizing upon controversial Cuban leader Fidel Castro’s comments about Osama bin Laden being a U.S. spy to deride the claim as a far-fetched conspiracy theory, and yet the fact that Bin Laden was once a CIA protégé and has been used time and again to the benefit of the U.S. government’s geopolitical agenda is a documented fact
Sotomayor Says Court May Rule to Limit First Amendment in Response to Wikileaks
On Thursday, talking to students at the University of Denver, Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor said the Wikileaks case will result in the Court likely weighing the First Amendment against national security. She made the comment in response to a question posed by a student.
Statin drugs may soon be given to fast food customers with meals

fast food chains start giving out free statin drugs to customers in order to help balance out the negative effects of the junk food on their bodies. The scientists who worked on the study actually say that taking a statin drug with a fast food meal undoes most of the damage otherwise caused by eating itstatin drugs deplete the body of necessary enzymes like coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) and prevent the body from producing it, but they damage cells and muscle tissue in the body. "We know that statins cause muscle damagecell injury," explains Mark Hyman, MD…

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