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On the birth certificate the mother is known as the informant.  On the marriage license the husband and wife agree to give their children to the state.  Americans have re-inhabited the 50 Republics and we're working to free ourselves and our neighbors from slavery. is where you can go and examine some of the things we stand for and what we are working for.

Robert Hender " R J "

Wed  Sept 1, 2010

Subject; Mom is the Informant – Slavery Still Rules in America – 2 hours with Kelby Smith

The Morning Libety Program, Wednesday Septemeber 1, 2010

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    We are living in exciting times.  Some Americans are observing the transitions before us.  Too many people don't get it. 

   On the radio today Kelby Smith joined me today to spell out the progress of the Republic of the united States of America.  Most of you know the Republic as the Restore America Plan, but Regan Reedy and Tom Schaults have decided to dive off the deep end of Martial Law for America.  Tom and Regan and now Dr Dale Livingston have decided to claim the Restore America Plan name, but they want our country to be controlled by the military. 

   Tim Turner and the majority of the De Jure Grand Juries believe that R A P has completed it's first phase.  We are no longer the Restore America Plan, but the Republic of the united States of America.  America has now been restored. 

   There are many pieces to this puzzle. 

   On nearly every birth certificate the mother is defined as the informant in America.  Back in 1933 and 1938 a plan was hatched to enslave every child, born in America, by placing every new baby as collateral for the national debt.  Even in a Marriage License both the husband and wife agree to hand the state their children.  In America birth certificates are printed on 32 pound, watermarked, bank note paper.  In the Securities Business these documents are known as Mother Bonds.  In this system almost every American is a Bond Slave

   Can you hear Moses hollar " let my people go? "

   Does it matter to you, that your children and that our country is free

   America was Quit Claimed to the IMF.

   There is a process wherein you can reclaim yourselves.   

   Back in 1868 the United States became a Corporation.  Ever since then many Corporations have been masquerading as our Government, working to rape and pillage America. 

   Within the last 10 days the Congressional Budget Office has disclosed that these Corporations are collapsing and there is nothing that can be done to fix the situation. 

   When these False Gods took over America " we the people, " were left in the dust.  Today a few Americans have gone back to our future.  Under God we have a right to reclaim our liberties.  Under God we are claiming " we the people, " again. 

   Homeland Security and the Federal Reserve are running around, looking for assets to sieze and steal in order to sure up their whole Corporate system.  You can't move any large anount of money in America any mroe without these Corporations stepping in and siezing your assets.  It's beginning to get ugly

   Silver is a solid investment.  Silver is more rare than gold.  The Financial Collapse of America is On It's Way.  Every one of us have a personal stake in making sure that our families are aware and prepared for some bumpy roads ahead. 

   TPTB have organized many systems of enslavement in America.  Nearly every one of us have not been informed of the adhesion contracts that we have voluntarily signed in order to be bond slaves still; marriage license, birth certificate, driver's license, voter registration, traffic tickets, mortgage contract and more… 

   On January 31, 2010 Sam Kennedy announced to the whole world that 4 Guardian Elders would lead 50 De Jure Grand Juries ( over 1,350 volunteers, )  in re-inhabiting the republics and leading Israel out of Egypt

   You probably have your own questions.  This second email address is for people who are now dealing with IRS issues, or Traffic issues, or other challenges. 

   We have freedom documents for free, if you need them. 

   When you appear at the title company to close on your house and secure your mortgage loan then be sure that you request the counter sign loan documents.  The title company and the banks won't volunteer these details to you.

   You can re-claim your liberty.  As a secured party creditor you can claim your commerce guy, your strawman

   For our families and for God we are re-claiming America.

   There is a lot of work to do. 

   We have more decisions to make.

   We are praying as we go.  We can't continue to Restore America without the help of God.

   We may not have all the answers. 

   We have no beef with the Corporations. 

   The Plan to Restore America ( R A P,) did it's job.  The Republics have now been reinhabited.

   Every American can now choose whether to be a slave to the corporatins or to be free.

Be Free,   Robert Hender,   R J

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