Restore America Plan – Can’t We All Get Along by Pops

Many of us feel the same way, we have wondered why leaders from the Restore America Plan are splitting up.  It you look a little closer you'll find that some of the R A P leaders had hidden agendas when they Hopped in the driver's seat in the first place.

Pops claims that a few so-called Patriots tried to Restore America in 1980 and again in 1996 and again in 2000, but they screwed up each time and some men went to jail.  Pops has some real concerns about Dr Dale Livingston ahd the restraining orders against him.  We need to do our own homework and watch this thing carefully. 

Pops  Jerry Adams Sr
Wed  Sept 1, 2010
Subject; Restore America Plan is not a 1 Man Show – Audio Link below

   On the 1st of September Pops released a few comments on his opinions of the Restore America Plan. 

   It hasn't been easy to grasp why Sam Kennedy walked away and why Tom Schaults and Regan Reedy are now involved with Dr Dale Livingston and why Tim Turner is now leading alone what these Guardian Elders all began together. 

   Pops says that in 1980 a few men tried to Restore America and they made some mistakes and some men went to jail.

   Pops says that in 1996 more men tried to Restore America and they made more mistakes and more men went to jail.

   Pops says that in 2000 even more ment tried to REstore America and even more men screwed up and went to jail. 

   Right now Pops thinks that Tim Turner seems to be running a 1 Man Show

   Tim Turner seems to be making some progress, but people want to be informed about what the Republic of the United States is up to.

   There are some genuine concerns about the Restraining Orders that are on public record against Dr Dale Livingston.

   TPTB must be held accountable for their crimes against humanity.

   Pops says that he speaks for himself, as his own opinions.  His opinions may change, but he has been around the block and he has been watching and pondering about what is going on in America. 

   Pops says that Sept 8th is a day we ought to be watching out for. 

   We need more cooperation between all of the so-called Patriots who have been working to Rescue America.

 Straight from Pops in Texas The Restore America Plan (.R.A.P.) Update 9.1.10

Listen to Pops


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