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Our rights do not come from the Constitution.  Americans have a right to change or to abolish our form of government.  Tim Turner and most of the De Jure Grand Juries are moving on to Phase 2 in restoring America.

The Restore America Plan has done it's job.  Over 1,350 men and women stood with the initial 4 Guardian Elders to reinhabit 50 Republics across America.  We are now the Restored America or literally the Republic of the united States of America.  You can now lead, follow or watch from the sidelines as " we the people, " move on to phase 2 of Restoring America. 

Robert Hender  " R J "

Tue  Aug 31, 2010 

Subject; Top 5 Steps to Restore America  –  Links to Interview with Kelby Smith below

The Morning Liberty Program, Tuesday Aug 31, 2010
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    There are a lot of smart people out there. Some times smarts is not enough.

   On the radio today  I had the chance to interview Kelby Smith from the Restore America Plan movement.  Kelby says that Tom Schaults and Regan Reedy claim the ownership of R A P. 

   When R A P began it involved 5 important pieces to their movement. 

        1 – Sam Kennedy; author of the Re Declaration disclosed from RBN on the 31st of January 2010

        2 – Tom Schaults; connection to the Military, who first approached the Guardian Elders and asked us to stand with them

        3 – Regan Reedy; the silent partner, most of the time who brings a lot of Patriot Knowhow and Support to the team

        4 – Tim Turner; the scapegoat for unmet promises and the man who still holds true to the Movement to Restore America

        5 – Over 1,350 men and women in America who picked up " we the people, " and reinhabited the 50 Republics 

   Time is a part of the equasion, as we evaluate the truth. 

   All 50 Republics have been reinhabited and " we the people, " are now standing across America.  Phase 2 of our efforts to Restore America is about to begin. 

   Every 1 of the Guardian Elders were bribed to Take the Money and to abandon the R A P.  Death Threats were made too.

        1 – Sam Kennedy; walked away – we wonder why and how and where… 

        2 – Tom Schaults; had a nice meeting with the Queen and hasn't been the same since.  What agreement did he make?

        3 –  Regan Reedy; stands with Tom Schaults now and feel America needs the Military to Take Over America… 

        4 – Dr Dale Livingston; invited by Tom and Regan to help organize Assemblies and Malitias across America.  

        5 – Tim Turner; 82 foreign nations came looking for Tim claiming God told them Tim Turner would finish what we started.  For over 40 years these countries have been stashing away funds that were designed to help America some day when Americans would take a stand again for freedom.  Tim Turner told them he would not take their money, as they were poised to hand the funds to him.  Tim Tuner said that if the majority of the De Jure Grand Juries would vote to support the Restored America and a new Temporary, Provisional Government that he would receive their financial assistance for the rest of us. 

        6 – Most of these 1,350 Guardians of the Free Republic have never met Tim or Tom or Regan or Sam.  Just about every one of them would tell you that God spoke to their heart regarding this stand with the 4 Guardian Elders.  With faith these people have risked everything to make this stand for America, with Faith in God and with Faith and some Hope that the 4 Leaders would work together and would move our objectives forward. 

   These days " Common Tators, " keep claiming that we need to save the constitution and that we get our rights from the constitution.  The constitution was designed as a restraint upon Congress and the President and the Supreme Court. 

   Since 1868 corporations that have been masquerading as our government have set aside " the Republics… "  These corporations have set aside the constitution too. 

   Many Patriots continue to dive into the Federast Papers and Blacks Law Books and the Constitution to find answers. 

   To Find Answers Today it will take the help of God.  Original Thought and Answers from God are required to handle the challenges that are now facing us.  If we always do what we have always done then we'll always get what we have always got.   

   In America God s theTrue Sovereign here.  A New Awakening is Moving upon America.  Beyond the Tea Parties Americans are waking up to the awful situation we now find ourselves in. 

   America's fiscal year ends at the end of September.  These corporations that have been masquerading as our government are out of money.  At least 2 reports by the CBO disclose that there is nothing that can stop the financial meltdown that is now happening in America. 

   The Homeland Security people have beeb trying to sieze money whee ever they can find it.  The Federal Reserve is poised to seal funds where ever they can grab it.  Your retirement funds are not safe with corporations like these around.

   We have no beef with the Corporations. 

   People can choose to hang their hats over here or over there. 

   Governors across America refused to follow the orders and warrants by " we the people. " 

   Barry Soetoro refuses to step down as the President. 

   Birth Certificates continue to be sold by this Government, as the collateral for the national debt. 

   This House of Cards is coming down.   

Be Free,   Robert Hender,  R J

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