Barry Soetoro – Undertaker the CFR is Counting On

Every week we are learning more and more of the true character and intention of Barry Soetoro aka President Obama.  Every week more Americans are losing their jobs, the financial structure of America is crumbling while NWO thugs continue to get satisfaction.

The " Take-down of America, " is necessary for a New World Order.  President Obama has now committed Stimulus Plan Money to repair Mosques and Muslim Statues worldwide.  Hillary Clinton and Obama have charged Arizona and America with Human Rights violations.  A Non American, criminal cabal has taken over Washington D C and they are working to destroy America. 

Sun  Aug 29, 2010 
Subject; Noone is Going to Get Obama Out of the Whitehouse

Opinion piece by Casper…..

Deeper and deeper into the Black Hole announced from Jackson Hole.

By now you are aware Obama and Hillary have charged America and Arizona with Human Rights violations at the U.N. where Cameroon is to be one of the countries sitting in judgment of the United States. Imagine putting a non-free country on a U.N. Human Rights Commission. Imagine a U.S. President and Secretary of State doing such a thing. Wake up America, the Criminal Cabal in CONTROL of Washington D.C. are not Americans, they are NWO Traitors. Posted on RMN this morning is an article from Watcher/VKD quoting Obama as saying in a 2008 ‘Meet the Press’ interview he and Michelle do not place their hands over their hearts at the playing of the National Anthem as he does not want to be perceived as ‘taking sides’. And, that our National Anthem should be changed to ‘I’d Like to Teach The World to Sing’. La La Land Liberals. Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. Neither of their feet is grounded in reality, they are void of Common Sense.
By now you are aware of yesterdays breaking news that Obama has committed portions of ‘The Stimulus Plan Money’ to the repair of Mosques and Muslim Statues Worldwide. No, I am not kidding, WAKE UP. No wonder ‘THEY’ need Cap and Trade taxes, International Taxation based on a SCAM called MANMADE Global Warming. And, he wants the Mosque at Ground Zero and is playing golf at Martha’s Vineyard yesterday with the Mayor of New York, Bloomberg, to figure out how to ram it down Americas throat. And, don’t forget, HR-1388 (Hamas to U.S.A.) was just passed and he has signed an Exec. Order allocating Twenty Million Dollars to bring HAMAS members to the U.S. permanently with all the usual ‘perks’, free housing, etc.. As he said in his book, when push comes to shove ‘I will stand with the Muslims’ and, according to the President of Egypt, he admits to being a Muslim while in Muslim Countries. Now comes the ‘collusion’ as described in last nights update. And still no Birth Certificate. Do you not wonder why? It is because he was not born in the U.S. and is not ‘Constitutionally Qualified’ to be President. That why the Democratic Party would not certify him to be Const. Qualified to run for office, the first time in history such a thing has happened proving the Democratic Party was in on the Communist Takeover of America from the very beginning, since before he was elected with his subterfuge of ‘hope and change’. Their ‘hope’ realized, a ‘change’ to a Communist State with the Liberal Elite in CONTROL permanently. He is a SHILL for the NWO and is President of a Corporation acting as Legitimate Government when in fact they are nothing more than a Criminal Financial Cabal. His deceit, his Treason, his Marxist/Communist NWO plans for America are supported by all Muslim Nations which are demanding that he be allowed to continue with the destruction of our Country. A PARTICIPATING Main Street Media, most of which are Liberal Extremist themselves, are assisting this ‘Hope and Change’ conversion to Communism in every possible way. Unless the ‘Glenn Becks’ of this Country are somehow able to ‘Bust Through’ the Ideological Blindness of the Kool-aid Crowd Freedom and Free Enterprise will be a historical novelty by the end of his first term.
Poor Biden, as Rome Burns he is ordered to carry publicly the ‘All is Well’ message. They are not blind or stupid, they know exactly what they are doing. Their NWO is to be constructed upon the ruins of the United States. In all the goings on described in these updates Obama, Biden and Hillary are joined at the hip. Anything, anything at all, to preserve the Status Quo and their Fraudulent Financial Playpen and to stop the disclosures of their TREASONOUS Actions against the American people. Government Payola to the Unions, Acorn and all supporters of their ‘takeover’ using generations of taxpayer funds and liabilities as their ‘piggy bank’ is insidious, corrupt and just one example of their use of the public purse to purchase support. They are doing the same Internationally, issuing domestic debt to fund such as Mosque Repair Worldwide with U.S. Taxpayer Funds and this is minor when compared to the Hundreds of Billions being funneled to Foreign Central Banks. The ‘Printing Press’ and ‘The Color of Law’ and the ‘Mortgaged Future’ of Americans are being used to steamroll opposition to their insanity. We are paying for the rope and the construction of the scaffolding to used at our hanging.

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