Top 7 Illuminati Orders – Exposing the Satanic Empire Final Cut

Carefully the Illuminati decided to infiltrate Freemasonry.  These days is difficult to determine who our friends are and who our enemies are.  The Illuminati have infiltrated every organization and they now are poised to implement their One World Order. 

None of us are safe from the Devilish Plans of the Illuminati.  Chances are you know and trust somebody who is a Secret Illuminati Thug.  These satanists are determined to Destroy the Family, to Abolosh Religion, to Abolish Private Property, to Destroy all Inheritance and to bring the whole world into a Global Government.  Keith Truth Thompson does a wonderful job with these 8 Videos to present the truth for you.

Keith Truth Thompson 
Sun  Aug 22, 2010 
Subject; Illuminati History – Top 7 Illuminati Orders – 8 Videos

   Early on the satanic illuminati cowards determined to hide themselves among the freemasons.  These illuminati thugs have also promised that they would infiltrate every organization. 

   Among all of the Short Term and Long Term objectives of the illuminati they have determined to;

        1 – Abolish All Governments

        2 – Abolish Private Property

        3 – Abolish Inheritance

        4 – Abolish Patriotism

        5 – Abolish The Family

        6 – Abolish Religion

        7 – Creation of a World Government   


Part 1
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Part 2
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Part 3
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Part 4
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Part 5
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Part 6
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Part 7
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Part 8
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  1. Concerned Reader says:

    Please tell me that your action of taking down the videos was not influenced by parties exposed in your clips. If so I would like to talk to you and find out more…

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