CIA Terror – Is HAARP Causing the Floods, Quakes, Fires…

Do you know how many countries have this HAARP technology?  Would President Obama be behind a strike against Pakistan or Russia with a HAARP weapon?  If the CIA is behind these Weather Weapon Attacks then which nation are the attacks coming from?  Who does the CIA work for?

Who is safe from CIA Terrorists?  JFK declared he wanted to shut down the CIA and they killed him.  Castro claims that Bin Laden was a CIA operative who may have been a pawn in the justification for America to attack Iraq and Afghanistan.  In Pakistan and Russia officials now say the CIA may be using HAARP technology as a weapon against rogue nations. 

Fri  Aug 27, 2010 
Subject;  The Military's Pandora's BoxIs the CIA Behind HAARP Weather Attacks?

Pakistani Websites Accuse CIA of Causing Pakistan Flooding: U.S. Research Program ‘HAARP is being Used in Pakistan [to Cause Artificial Floods]‘; ‘They Can’t Win a War with Nuclear-Armed Pakistan … So They Have Other Ways to Do It’

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