Monsanto Culling the Herd – Seeds of Deception with Jeffrey Smith

You may throw out everything from your cupboards after you watch this 1 hour YouTube Video.  Jeffrey says that genetically modified food is ending up in many of the foods you have been depending on.  Pass this article to all your friends.

Our food supply has been changed.  Genetic Engineering causes side effects in many of the foods we have been eating.  A bacteria or virus gene may have been spliced into the foods your family eats.  FDA Officials claim no testing is necessary.  Dr Arpad Pusztai has been working to determine how safe genetically modified foods are.  FDA officials continue to be hired by Monsanto.  Monsanto officials continue to be hired by the FDA.  Monsanto and the FDA are killing people, by their policies and activity.

Alex Bodusky
Sat  Sept 4, 2010
Subject; Monsanto and FDA Are Killing Americans

Rodents are dying from Monsanto GMO products. 

   Monsanto and the FDA continue to swap personnel.

   Monsanto is Solving the Overpopulation Problem.

The Great American Food Experiment and how to opt out. Jeff is in the middle of everything you see and read about Genetically Modified Organisms. This is our highest rated live show to date and Jeff leaves both my dad and I speechless. Not an easy task. Enjoy the show and watch as this blog posting gets descended upon by GMO supporters who are just “ordinary concerned citizens” with made-up identities. At least that’s what happened last time somebody on the show spoke out against GMO’s. Maybe this time will be different. I’m including some links to more info below including a handy non-GMO shopping guide.

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