Barry Soetoro – Opening America for Illegal Hamas Terrorists

In America a few people still believe in self defense.  If Barry Soetoro had his way he would remove handguns and rifles from every home in America.  It's tougher for Americans to defend themselves if we aren't armed.

What news sources are you paying attention to?  You need to see these pictures, of kids who are sent off to war camps to learn how to hate and to learn how to kill Jews and Americans.  A Mosque at Ground Zero would show the whole world that Islam has conquerred America.  Americans are still asleep to many of these Muslim Jihad Plans to take over Europe and America.

Mon  Sept 6, 2010
Subject; Hamas Children Coming to America to Kill

   The Main Press wants you to see pictures of babies and families devistated by Al Qaeda

   These Pictures, you need to see.  Palestinians put guns into the hands of their children at a very early age and parents are teaching these children to hate and they are teaching their children to kill.

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