Barry Soetoro – Workers in China Can Believe In

More than 8 million Americans are now out of work.  Factories are closing down every week in America.  For decades politicians have been sending our industry over to China, for personal profit. 

A few reports are willing to disclose that Obama has created 3 million jobs, in China.  Extra Taxes that are coming with Obamacare are causing businesses and factories to close every week in America.  Many Americans are now driven to their medicine cabinet to consume numbing pain pills, more than ever.  A third of all Americans are taking 2 or more pills a day.  More than 10% of Americans are taking 5 or more prescription pills a day.

Dave Cleveland
Mon  Sept 6, 2010
Subject; Barack Obama's Economic Collapse is Destroying America



Obama Did Create 3 Million Jobs — in China
Sellers Cut Prices on 50% of Homes Homeowners are slashing prices more drastically and more frequently, according to recently released data from ZipRealty.
50 Reasons to Oppose Fluoridation
Documentation is offered which indicates that the benefits of ingested fluoride have been exaggerated, while the numerous risks have been downplayed or ignored.
Americans drowning in prescription drugs
Nearly half of all Americans now use prescription drugs on a regular basis according to a CDC report that was just released (1). Nearly a third of Americans use two or more drugs, and more than one in ten use five or more prescription drugs regularly.

As Americans Celebrate Labor Day 2010, U.S. Factories Are Closing In Droves

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