Barry Soetoro – Ponzi Scheme Buddies are Hiding

Almost every Bank all over the World is Bankrupt.  Over $600 Trillion in Derivatives have been taking a toll.  The Global Cabal are out of answers and they're scared.  They may be scared enough to instigate more False Flag attacks soon.

Over 1,500 DUMB's, Deep Underground Military Bases, are poised to shelter TPTB as their financial noose closes in on them.  The IMF is a holding bank for the corrupt central banks.  Over $600 Trillion in the fake Derivitives Bubble is blowing up all over TPTB.  These Satanic, Globalist Thugs have no answers.  The whole world is now awaking to their Global Ponzi Scam.

Max Kaiser
Sun  Sept 5, 2010
Subject; Banking Cartel Thugs are Going Underground – Link Below

Going Underground

The New World Order global elite cabal, (The Bilderberg Group, the Elite Royal Bloodlines, Council on Foreign Relations, Trilateral Commission et al), have built there underground bases all over the world, (over 1500 worldwide) they have stored their Non-GMO seed bank in the arctic circle and are rushing underground like rats from a sinking ship. From the five underground cities in Saudi Arabia to the giant Mega-Underground cities in Denver, Colorado to the huge maze of underground tunnels and city bases in Australia’s Pine Gap, to the gigantic underwater sea bases off the coast of Puerto Rico (Where the Global Financial Offshore-Banking Cartels and the UNited States Inc are domiciled). That’s right, the United States Inc. the corporation with it’s foney president Barrack Obama (not the United Sates of America – we the people, the country with all the people in it). They are now stealing all the pension funds in each country throughout the world with an excuse that they must prop up the “Ponzi Scheme” banking cartels that created the problem in the first place….pathetic.

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