Economic Collapse – Beginning of the End – with Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente is not swayed by any Political Religious.  TPTB will figure out a way to win.  It all stems from Princeton, Harvard, Yale, Bullets, Bombs and Banks.  Not even Jesus could save a fool from his foolishness.  About 20% of people won't follow orders. 

Gerald Celente is only interested in the findings by examining economic evidence.  Before Obamacare was a bill America was headed for this Financial Collapse.  The U S Treasury has been drained for many decades.  In 1933 gold was priced at $35 an ounce.  We're looking for the next terror strike in 2010.  America is now in a fragile ocndition.  The banks will be closing. 

Gerald Celente
Tue  Sept 7, 2010 
Subject;  There is No Recovery – Audio Clip

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Yes he keeps repeating the same thing. The big question is, will he be proven correct? Is it a cover-up and not a recovery? Is it another business cycle or is it the beginning of the end of our current financial system? It looks like here in Canada we have reached the peak (for now) in the real estate market and things are on the decline. Could it get as bad as the USA market, I doubt it, we didn't have the same free-for-all with our lending practises. Amazing what fear and greed will do though.

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