Economic Collapse – TPTB Banksters No New Ideas – by Pops

If TPTB reshuffle all of their central banks or if they issue a whole new system of money, it doesn't look like it will solve anything.  We've seen it before and we know who they are and we know what they are up to.  As TPTB meet in Brussels this week they have no new answers for themselves or for us.

Does Poofness have the answers?  Does Gerald Celente have the answers?  Barry Soetoro has no answers, but he is a good puppet for TPTB.  Pops has been observing and commenting on the High Level Thugs who think They Own and Have a Right to Control the World.  They are meeting in Brussels right now to find way of lining their pockets even more.

Mon  Sept 6, 2010
Subject; TPTB Looking for Answers from All the Wrong People – Pops Audio Clip below

Pops update 9.6.10

Pops is doing a special show Wed Sept 8 @ 7 pm EST. The number is toll-free 1-888-211-6987.
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