Economic Collapse – Last Chance to Turn It Around

Do you recall the details of Executive Order 13037?  We are now " Human Resources, " the greatest asset America has.  TPTB want you and me under a system of permanent debt.  We have become little profit machines for the Global Elite. 

The IMF is an Agency of the United Nations.  According to the IMF and the UN New York City is the Capitol of the World.  The Bankster Elite believe they own America, it's people and our money.  Political Correctness has replaced our Freedom of Speech.  We are manipulated by Their Media and by their Education System, in America.

Teri Lynn
Fri  Sept 10, 2010
Subject; We are the Last Great Hope for America

   Take the time and view the evidence on this blog. 

   Win, Lose or Draw if we are not working to Save America then we are a part of the problem.

Article 9, THE ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM, will be added to the blog later this evening…

Teri Lynn
aka…. TLGA

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